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Panminerva Medica 1998 December;40(4):269-72

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Different reac­tiv­ity ­against HCV pro­teins (Riba 3) accord­ing to pro­gres­sion of liv­er dam­age

Barbacini I. G., Goldoni E., De Sanctis G. M., Margiotta M. C., Sebastiano D., D'Errico D. A. F., Altavilla N., Magnapera A., Rivanera D.*, Lilli D.*, Ippoliti F.**, Grimaldi F., Mancini C.*, Chircu L. V.

From the Viral Hepatitis Unit, Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases * Institute of Microbiology ** Department of Experimental Medicine and Pathology University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy


Background. Aim of the ­study was to ­assess the cor­re­la­tion ­between clin­cal ­stage of HCV-relat­ed liv­er dis­ease and virae­mia to ­immune ­response to dif­fer­ent ­viral anti­gens.
Methods. We con­sid­ered 1330 ­patients ­with HCV chron­ic infec­tion fol­lowed up ­from 6 ­months up to 6 ­years divid­ed ­into two ­groups accord­ing to ­RIBA 3 (Abbott) ­response: ­Group I, 1231 ­patients ­with pos­i­tiv­ity for at ­least two ­bands (83 sub­jects ­with asymp­to­mat­ic infec­tion, 941 ­with chron­ic hep­a­titis, 201 ­with cir­rho­sis and 6 ­with HCC); ­Group II, 99 ­patients ­with pos­i­tiv­ity at ­only one ­band (45 ­with asymp­to­mat­ic infec­tion, 53 ­with chron­ic hep­a­titis and 1 cir­rhot­ic).
Results. We ­noticed a ­major per­cent­age of pos­i­tive ­patients for at ­least ­three ­bands in ­more ­severe clin­i­cal ­forms (90% of chron­ic hep­a­titis or cir­rho­sis ver­sus 60% of asymp­to­mat­ics, p<0.005, χ2 ­test). Moreover we ­noticed a per­cent­age ­increase of pos­i­tiv­ity for anti­bod­ies ­anti-c100 and ­anti-NS5 ­with the pro­gres­sion of liv­er dam­age, sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­enc­es ­between asymp­to­mat­ics and ­patients ­with chron­ic ­forms. We ­also ­observed ­that virae­mia is relat­ed nei­ther to clin­i­cal ­stage nor to dif­fer­ent reac­tiv­ity to ­RIBA 3, ­albeit virae­mia is usu­al­ly detect­ed ­more fre­quent­ly ­among ­patients ­with liv­er dam­age, but unre­lat­ed to dif­fer­ent reac­tiv­ities.
Conclusions. Our ­results ­show a ­clear cor­re­la­tion ­between num­ber of reac­tiv­ities ­towards HCV pro­teins and pro­gres­sion of liv­er dam­age, point­ing out ­that ­immune ­response ­plays a ­direct ­role in the ­long-­term out­come of HCV infec­tion.

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