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A Journal on Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Otoneurosurgery

Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Scopus

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4938

Online ISSN 1827-188X


Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3)


Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):125


De Benedetto M.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):127


Serra A.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):129-33

History of intratympanic managements for inner ear disorders

Mankekar G., Kirtane M. V., Chavan K., Pachauri S.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):135-9

Anatomy of cochlea and round window

David S., Bucchieri F., Cappello F., Zummo G.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):141-3

Pharmacokinetics of drugs in transtympanic administration

Dispenza F., Kulamarva G., De Stefano A.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):145-53

Intratympanic steroids for sudden sensorineural hearing loss. A review

Jeremic G., Parnes L. S.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):155-63

Intratympanic management for autoimmune inner ear disease

De Stefano A., Kulamarva G., Dispenza F.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):165-70

Intratympanic gadolinium administration for evaluation of endolymphatic space size and drug movement into the inner ear

Nakashima T., Naganawa S., Sone M., Teranishi M.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):171-82

Intratympanic gentamicin for unilateral Menière’s disease

Slattery Iii W. H., Teufert K. B.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):183-8

Intratympanic gentamicin: its effect on hearing and strategies to minimize inner ear damage

Citraro L., De Stefano A., Kulamarva G., Dispenza F., Croce A.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):189-93

Management of Menière’s disease with intratympanic steroids

Pistorio V., Achilli V.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):195-205

Intratympanic management of tinnitus: illusions and hopes

Oliveira C. A., Araújo M. F. S., Sampaio A. L. L.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):207-11

Intratympanic treatment for chemotherapy-related ototoxicity

Parham K.

Otorinolaringologia 2010 September;60(3):213-

Techniques of intratympanic administration

Marchese D., Riggio F., Gallina S., Speciale R.

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