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A Journal on Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Otoneurosurgery

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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0392-6621

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Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4)


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):143-6

Radiosurgery in otorhinolaryngology

Restivo S., Speciale R., Gargano R., Di Leo R., Gallina S.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4)147-54

Otolaryngologic and orthognatodontics evalutations of nasal respiratory obstruction in patients with craniofacial anomalies

Lucariello G., Iorio N., Diomajuta A.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):155-9

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Diagnostic imaging techniques to search the obstructive site

Chiti-Batelli S., Eibenstein A., Fusetti M.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):161-5

The endoscopic treatment of mucocele of paranasal sinuses

Dispenza C., Saraniti C., Caramanna C., Giuliano D. A., Dispenza F.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):167-72

Surgical treatment of rhinophyma using dermo-epidermic graft

Moretti A., Croce A., Chiri Z. M., D’Agostino L., Augurio A.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):173-6

Madelung’s disease treatment in a patient HIV positive. Clinical case

Abenavoli F. M., Corelli R., D’Erme G.


Otorinolaringologia 2002 December;52(4):177-84

Effectiveness and tolerability of polymyxin-neomycin-lidocaine combined topical therapy in the treatment of external otitis

Margarino G., Scala M., Castellini V.

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