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A Journal on Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Otoneurosurgery

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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0392-6621

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Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2)


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):53-8

Relationship between pure-tone audiometry threshold and frequency range in noise-induced hearing loss

Albera R., Giotopoulos C., Cavalot A. L., Beatrice F.*, Romano C.**, Bosia S.°, Luccoli L.°°, Argentero P.°°°


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):59-64

Audiovestibular profile in smokers

Rijuneeta A., Mann S. B. S., Gupta A. K.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):65-8

Noise induced hearning loss and age. Observations on the possible evaluation of presbycusis

Albera R.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):69-73

Fluid overloads as a possible cause of Ménière’s disease. Clinical review on 27 cases

Albera R., Cavalot A. L., Ferreo V., Lacilla M., Schenone G., Giordano L., Magnano M.*


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):75-8

Quantitative efficacy of subgaleal disconnection in transposition of scalp flaps in plastic and reconstructing surgery

Raposio E., Panarese P., Cella A., Gualdi A., Caregnato P., Barabino P., Faggioni M., Renzi M., Santi P. L.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):79-82

Advantages of frequent follow-up, in patient with fixed phonatory prosthesis, in the early diagnosis of recurrences and second primary tumors

Nazionale G., Albera R., Palonta F., Fadda G. L., Cavalot A. L.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):83-5

Tubal autoinsufflation in acute recurrent otitis media (AROM) treatment in pediatric age

Porcu A., Tarantino V., Melagrana A.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):87-90

Cutaneous metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma in the nasal region. A report of two cases

Squillaci S., Rodolfi A., Lattuada N.*, Bertoletti F.*, Carrozzo R.**, Casella M.**, Scheiber E.***


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):91-5

Asymptomatic vagal paraganglioma

Meloni F., Stomeo F., Bozzo C., Riu F.


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):97-102

Efficacy and tolerability of nimesulide beta cyclodextrin (nimesulide betadex) in comparison with morniflumate in acute otitis. Preliminary results

Balli R., Passali D.* per conto di tutti i centri partecipanti


Otorinolaringologia 1999 June;49(2):103-6

Cefetamet Pivoxil in the treatment of acute otitis media and externa

Farri A., Enrico A., Cammarota R.

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