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A Journal on Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Otoneurosurgery

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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4938

Online ISSN 1827-188X


Otorinolaringologia 2002 June;52(2):73-7


MALT lymphoma of the parotid gland. Two clinical case reports

Aversa S. 1, Guerrasio A. 2, Ondolo C. 1, Fadda G. L. 1, Conticello S. 1

1 Depart­ment of Otol­a­ryn­gology
2 Depart­ment of Med­i­cine Uni­ver­sity of ­Turin, Turin

­MALT lym­phoma ­describes a ­group of non-­Hodgkin’s lym­phomas ­that ­includes extra­nodal pri­mary malig­nant B-­cell ­tumors and low-­grade malig­nant ­tumors, ­with char­ac­ter­istic ­mucosa-asso­ciated lym­phoid ­tissue (­MALT). Low-­grade ­MALT lym­phomas are gen­er­ally ­slow ­growing and ­tend to ­remain local­ized for pro­longed ­periods. Prog­nos­ti­caly, the sur­vival ­rates are ­good, ­with a ­higher ten­dency for ­local recur­rence ­rather ­than for wide­spread dis­tant dis­ease. In the sal­i­vary ­glands, the ­tumors ­arise in a back­ground of myoe­pi­the­lial sia­lad­e­nitis (­MESA), usu­ally in asso­ci­a­tion ­with ­Sjögren’s syn­drome (SS). ­Tumor cyto­mor­phology and his­tology, cou­pled ­with immu­no­phen­o­typic and gen­o­typic fea­tures in a clin­ical con­text, sug­gest the diag­nosis of low-­grade B-­cell lym­phoma of ­mucosa-asso­ciated lym­phoid ­tissue. Two ­cases of ­MALT lym­phoma of the ­parotid ­glands are pre­sented ­because of the ­rarity of the dis­ease. In addi­tion, we ­describe cur­rent guide­lines for a cor­rect diag­nostic ­approach ­based on his­to­path­o­logic ­studies and diag­nostic ­imaging, and sur­gical treat­ment fol­lowed by radio­therapy and/or chem­o­therapy. ­Also, ­recent ­data ­from the lit­er­a­ture on ­genetic alter­a­tions ­related to ­tumor diag­nosis are ­reported.

language: English


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