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Otorinolaringologia 2002 March;52(1):21-5

language: Italian

Pleomorphic adenoma of the nasal cavity. Clinical case and review of the literature

Frenguelli A., Rizzo S., Bizzotti C., Bernardini M., Longari F., Bracchi E.

Università degli Studi - Perugia Dipartimento delle Specialità Medico-Chirurgiche Sezione di Otorinolaringologia (R)


A ­case of ple­o­mor­phic ­adenoma of the ­nasal ­cavity ­starting ­from the ­head of the infe­rior tur­bi­nated ­bone is ­reported. Ple­o­mor­phic ­adenoma is undoubt­edly the ­most fre­quent ­tumour of the ­major and ­minor sal­i­vary ­glands. Occa­sion­ally the ­tumour may ­arise in atyp­ical ­sites ­owing to the per­sis­tence of ­ectopic ­embryonal res­i­dues of sal­i­vary glan­dular ­tissue. The lit­er­a­ture ­describes ­rare ­cases of ple­o­mor­phic ­adenoma local­isa­tion in atyp­ical ­sites. The ­lesion may be ­ignored for a ­long ­time ­because of the ­lack of symp­toms ­related to ­this ­pathology. The treat­ment of ­choice is sur­gery and ­removal of the ­tumour ­must be as exten­sive as pos­sible to pre­vent the ­onset of recur­rences. We ­present a ­case of ple­o­mor­phic ­adenoma ­which ­arose in cor­re­spon­dence ­with the infe­rior tur­bi­nated ­bone. The ­patient ­reached us ­with ­nasal occlu­sion symp­toms. ­After car­rying out the nec­es­sary clin­ical and instru­mental inves­ti­ga­tions, he was sub­mitted to sur­gery and ­later dis­charged in ­good con­di­tion. Ple­o­mor­phic ­adenoma is a ­benign ­tumour ­although ­cases of malig­nant evo­lu­tion ­have ­been ­described. It is pre­cisely the poten­tial malig­nant trans­for­ma­tion of ­this ­tumour ­that ­makes it nec­es­sary to ­carry out a cor­rect dif­fe­ren­tial diag­nosis and, fol­lowing sur­gical ­removal of the ­tumour, ­apply a tar­geted, ­long-­term ­follow-up.

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