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Most read articles over the last three weeks

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2011 December;55(4):319-28
Evidence level in the treatment of meningioma with focus on the comparison between surgery versus radiotherapy. A review
Pechlivanis I., Wawrzyniak S., Engelhardt M., Schmieder K.

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2016 September;60(3):367-84
A review and update on the guidelines for the acute management of cervical spinal cord injury - Part II
John K. YUE, Andrew K. CHAN, Ethan A. WINKLER, Pavan S. UPADHYAYULA, William J. READDY, Sanjay S. DHALL

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2015 March;59(1):73-8
Hemicraniectomy for malignant middle cerebral artery territory infarction: an updated review
Taylor B., Lopresti M., Appelboom G., Sander Connolly Jr. E.

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2015 March;59(1):79-90
Spina bifida occulta and aperta: a review of current treatment paradigms
Kahn L., Biro E. E., Smith R. D., Bui C. J.

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2016 June;60(2):173-7
The prediction of successful surgery outcome in lumbar disc herniation based on artificial neural networks
Parisa AZIMI, Edward C. BENZEL, Sohrab SHAHZADI, Shirzad AZHARI, Hassan R. MOHAMMADI

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2016 September;60(3):296-300
Study of modified electroconvulsive therapy combined with risperidone oral solution in the treatment of agitation in the acute stage of epilepsy and expression level changes of insulin-like growth factor-1
Jiansheng LI, Chengyan LI

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2015 September;59(3):283-94
Management of cerebral cavernous malformations in the pediatric population: a literature review and case illustrations
Kosnik-Infinger L., Carroll C., Greiner H., Leach J., Mangano F. T.

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2017 April;61(2):140-50
Functionality of glioma-infiltrated precentral gyrus: experience from 14 patients

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2014 December;58(4):215-21
Chiari malformations: diagnosis, treatments and failures
Abd-El-Barr M. M., Strong C. I. C., Groff M. W.

Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 2015 December;59(4):351-60
Technical nuances of awake brain tumor surgery and the role of maximum safe resection
Hervey-Jumper S. L., Berger M. S.

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