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A Journal on Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychopharmacology

Official Journal of the Italian Society of Social Psychiatry
Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, e-psyche, PsycINFO, Scopus

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0374-9320

Online ISSN 1827-1731


Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1)


Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):1-13

Improving cognition in schizophrenia: pharmacological and cognitive remediation approaches

Harvey P. D., Bowie C. R.

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):15-29

Negative symptoms and related disorders of diminished goal directed behavior

Pluck G., Lee K. H.


Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):31-40

Predictors of treatment history in youth with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Jordan C., De Nadai A. S., Sulkowski M. L., Storch E. A.

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):41-58

Postnatal depression and prevention: effects of a psychoeducational intervention

Cussino M., Zaccagnino M., Di Fini G., Veglia F.

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):59-69

Attachment and social understanding in young school-age children: an investigation using the Manchester Child Attachment Story Task

Zaccagnino M., Cussino M., Callerame C., Actis Perinetti B., Veglia F., Green J.

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):71-82

Efficacy of six months physical activity on exercise capacity in patients with mental disorders (resident in a community service)

Vitacca M., Paneroni M., Comini L., Bianchi L.

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):83-92

Mixed mania and antidepressants: a clinical study on a sample of bipolar inpatients

Bertetto N., Rosso G., Blengino G., Bogetto F., Maina G

Minerva Psichiatrica 2013 March;54(1):93-9

Risk of metabolic syndrome and taking care of patients with psychotic disorders spectrum in a psychiatric territorial structure: an experimental model of intervention

Latina A., Plantulli A.

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