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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2)


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):119-23

Increasing prevalence of celiac children with negative serum antigliadin antibodies

Caristo E., Tognato E., Di Dio G., Rapa A., Fonio P.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):125-31

Quantitative ultrasound for the assessment of bone in the preterm infant

Bagnoli F., Toti M. S., Conte M. L., Badii S., Mori A., Tomasini B., Zani S.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):133-7

High percentage of obesity during childhood and adolescence and subsequent increases in childhood arterial hypertension

Menghetti E., Carletti M., Strisciuglio P., Spagnolo A.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):139-46

Food consumption and energy and nutrient intakes in a group of roman adolescents

Martone D., D’Addesa D., Scanu A., Censi L., Bevilacqua N., D’Addezio L., Menghetti E.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):147-51

Parental role in the Intensive Care Unit for children affected by Werdnig Hoffmann disease

Ottonello G., Mastella C., Franceschi A., Lampugnani E., Moscatelli A., Punch F., Tumolo M., Penzo A., Gamba M., Bosticco D., Tuo P., Nahum L.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):153-60

Emergency contraception: what do pediatricians know about this subject?

Fernandes Barry R., Sylvia De Souza Vitalle M., Calanca Da Silva F.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):161-9

Sleep disturbances in two-month-old infants sharing the bed with parent(s)

Kelmanson I. A.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):171-8

Adipocytokines: potential biomarkers for childhood obesity and anorexia nervosa?

Leoni M. C., Pizzo D., Marchi A.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):179-88

The clinical approach to chronic abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome in children

Van Tilburg M. A. L., Chitkara D. K.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):189-202

Managing pain in critically ill children

Gandhi M., Playfor S. D.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):203-16

Medico-legal investigation of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): differential diagnosis between natural and unnatural death

Ventura F., Portunato F., Celesti R.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):217-21

Acute respiratory stridor in infancy

Corsini I., Gallucci M., Di Palmo E., Bertelli L., Fabi M., Colonna S., Tassinari D., Bernardi F.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):223-5

Late and unusual onset of congenital duodenal obstruction due to combination lesion

Gianino P., Castagno E., Grassino E. C., Guidi C., Mostert M.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):227-30

Massive ovarian edema in a prepubertal girl without signs of virilization or early puberty

Repetto P., Ceccarelli P. L., Bianchini M. A., Mordenti M., Durante V., Rivasi F., Cacciari A.


Minerva Pediatrica 2010 April;62(2):231-2

Niaprazine may improve some symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Niederhofer H.

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