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Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4)


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):299-305

Telecare for teenagers with type 1 diabetes: a trial

Cadario F., Binotti M., Brustia M., Mercandino F., Moreno G., Esposito S., Baldelli R., Bona G.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):307-13

Early hearing detection and intervention in children with prelingual deafness, effects on language development

Bubbico L., Bianchi Di Castelbianco F., Tangucci M., Salvinelli F.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):315-25

Safety of use, efficacy and degree of parental satisfaction with the nasal aspirator Narhinel® in the treatment of nasal congestion in babies

Casati M., Picca M., Marinello R., Quartarone G.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):327-36

Comparative study of body temperature measured with a non-contact infrared thermometer versus conventional devices. The first Italian study on 90 pediatric patients

Osio C. E., Carnelli V.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):337-48

Organisational aspects of a donated breast milk bank: experience of the Treviso hospital

Paccagnella A., Michieletto S., Pitassi I., Baruffi C., Pizzolato D., Marcon M. L., Saia O. S., Toscani P., Moretti G., Foscolo G.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):349-68

Recent advances in imaging preterm brain injury

Boardman J. P., Dyet L. E.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):369-77

Early aggressive nutrition: parenteral amino acids and minimal enteral nutrition for extremely low birth weight (<1 000 g) infants

Adamkin D. H.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):379-88

Adjunct pharmacotherapy in acute lung disease in children

Kissoon N., Skippen P.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):389-95

Phytoterapy: a glimmer of hope in the prevention of recurrent respiratory tract infections in children

Miniello V. L., Brunetti L., Cafagna R., Lieggi M. S., Lippolis P., Natile M., Francavilla R., Armenio L.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):397-401

Polycystic ovary and gonadoblastoma in Turner’s syndrome

Maggio M. C., Liotta A., De Grazia E., Cimador M., Di Pace R. M., Corsello G.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):403-8

Serious cerebral malformations (corpus callosum aplasia, prosencephalic cyst), internal carotid canal and facial malformations due to neural crest abnormalities, associated with choleosteatoma

Berio A., Piazzi A.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):409-14

Complications of leg diaphyseal fracture in a pediatric patient: case report

Memeo A., Albisetti W., Cristini E., Briatico-Vangosa L., Viganò C.


Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):415

Sepsis due to Paecilomyces in familial hemo-phagocytic lymphohistiocytosis after allogenic transplant of hemopoietic staminal cells

Bertaina C., Giacchino M., Bezzio S., Fagioli F.

 Glycogenosis in the suckling baby: a not easy diagnosis 

Minerva Pediatrica 2007 August;59(4):416

Glycogenosis in the suckling baby: a not easy diagnosis

Magnano L., Merlino S., Spada M.

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