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A Journal on Pediatrics, Neonatology, Adolescent Medicine,
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0026-4946

Online ISSN 1827-1715


Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6)



Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):483-8

The pediatrician and the adolescent risk behaviour

Saggese G., Bertelloni S.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):489-506

A world made for the measure of children and the young. The children and the young around us and the child and the adolescent within each for us

Parsi M. R.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):507-10

Chronically ill but still adolescent

Surís J. C.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):511-6

The adolescent thalassemic. The complicant rebel

Angastiniotis M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):517-20

Adolescence and sickle celle disease

Samperi P., Schilirò G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):521-4

Gynecological exam of the adolescent: clinical and methodological approach

Cardamone A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):525-38

Dysmenorrhea, endometriosis and premestrual syndrome

Tonini G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):539-46

Sexually transmitted diseases

De Toni T., Fontana I.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):547-52

Hyperprolactinemia: from diagnosis to treatment

Rosato F., Garofalo P.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):553-8

Secular trend of puberty

Bona G., Castellino N., Petri A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):559-66

Clinical problem in managing adolescents with short stature

Bertelloni S., Navari S., Sodini F., Basiloni V., Bertacca L., Saggese G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):567-72

Pitfalls in communication with adolescents

Hardoff D.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):573-8

The psychologist and the adults: pathology and pseudo-pathology in adolescence

Di Renzo M., Bianchi Di Castelbianco F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):579-86

Communication in adolescence: how to transmit prevention

Pintor C., Mostallino B.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):587-98

Management of the asthmatic adolescent

Marchi A., Ricci A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):599-606

Respiratory emergencies in adolescents

Pirlo D., Gastaldi R., Di Pietro P.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):607-10

Thoracic imaging in adolescence: news and perspectives

Arcuri V., Raiola G., Serrao F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):611-22

School difficulties in the adolescent age

Schwarzenberg T. L., Buffone M. R., Scardia C., Facente C.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):623-30

Chest pain in adolescent

Raiola G., Galati M. C., De Sanctis V., Salerno D., Arcuri V. M., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):631-8

Chronic fatigue syndrome in adolescent

De Sanctis V., Mangiagli A., Campisi S., Raiola G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):639-44

Lipothymia and syncope in adolescent

Franco V., Russo G.


Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):645-8

Exploratory survey on young adolescents in the province of Reggio Calabria

Gurnari A., Cuzzucoli G. Pansera P., Stelitano L., Maesano G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):649-52

Longitudinal analysis of adolescent admissions to pediatric departments between 1999 and 2001

Bertelloni S., Lombardi D., Golgini E., Navari S., Saggese G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):653-4

Behavior disturbances in adolescents as the cause for acute admission to a pediatric service

Navari S., Verucci E., Galliano S., Bertacca L., Cesaretti G., Bertelloni S., Saggese G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):655-6

School and safety: A school accident prevention program

Anfosso R., Zampogna S., Pannia S., Tetro R., Todaro I.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):657-8

Road accidents and the young. Road-accident index indicators

Pacchin M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):659-60

Assessment of nutritional status of adolescents from two junior high schools in Rome: use of BMI, WC and waist-thigh ratio

Rossodivita A., Armelisasso C., Mistura L.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):661-2

Pregnancy and teenagers: the situation in Versilia

Lombardi D., Merusi I., Bertelloni S., Bottone U.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):663-4

Gynecological problems in the adolescent. What do pediatricians need to find out?

De Sanctis V., Ceroni U., Masignà M.G., Moschettoni V., Testi S., Zucchini M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):665-6

Emotional and sexual education in adolescence

Ponzi G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):667-8

Juvenile delinquency. Italian and foreign-born minors in juvenile correction institutions. National distribution 1999

Pacchin M., Zaffaroni M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):669-70

Drug abuse in adolescents and young adults. Personal observations of 160 subjects followed-up by therapeutic services in Emilia-Romagna in 1993

De Sanctis V., Cappiello M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):671-2

Exploratory survey of behavior in a sample of adolescents practicing sports

Sturniolo M.M., Carlucci M., Tallarico R., Sturniolo C., Papini A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):673-4

Self Help: a project to support well-being

Mazzini F., Rossi O.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):675-8

Treatment centers for eating disorders in adolescents. Can alternative approaches be accepted?

Tanas R., Pedretti S., De Sanctis V.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):679-80

Demographic dynamics. Italian and alien populations on the move

Pacchin M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):681-2

Analysis of causes of mortality in teenagers aged 15-17 years

Pacchin M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):683-4

Health status among adolescents: results from cross-sectional survey among high school students, Istanbul, Turkey

Ercan O., Alikasifoglu M., Erginoz E., Kaymak A.D., Uysal O., Ilter O.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):685-6

Pubertal gynecomasty. Results of a study in Ferrara from the past 13 years

De Sanctis V., Scarso E., Tanas R., Raiola G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):687-8

Solitary thyroid nodules in adolescence. Results of a study by the Department of Pediatrics, Ferrara, from 1983 to 2002

De Sanctis V., Tanas R., Cammarata M.G., Raiola G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):689-90

Analysis of factors that influence age at menarche in a setting of cystic fibrosis

Arrigo T., Rulli I., Lucanto M.C., Lombardo M., Maisano G., Rosano M., Di Tommaso E.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):691-2

Diabetes and adolescence: when the patient is the star of the soccer team

Ingletto D., Ruggiero L.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):693-4

The adolescent patient with cystic fibrosis: the treating team ³defends itself²

Catastini P., Micheletti E.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):695-6

Aspecific indicators of negated diseases: anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Tanas R., Cammarata M.G., De Sanctis V.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):697-700

New therapeutic strategies for treating new epidemics. Active family involvement in treating obesity. Balloon therapy

Tanas R., Mattiuzzo M., De Sanctis V.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):701-2

Characterization of early onset idiopathic ovarian insufficiency in girls and adolescents

De Luca F., Bertelloni S., De Sanctis V., Di Tommaso E., Einaudi S., Foti T., Miceli M., Pirazzoli P., Segni M., Urso L., Cascione L.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):703-4

Circulating gherlin levels in obese and normal weight adolescents

Rapa A., Castellino N., Vivenza D., Bellone J., Me E., Petri A., Bellone S., De Sanctis C., Bona G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):705-6

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Tumini S., Anzellotti M.T., Mohn A., Di Luzio R., Febo F., Chiarelli F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):707-8

Varicocele. Clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects

Arcuri V.M., Notarangelo L., Raiola G., Salerno D., Galati M.C., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):709-10

Testosterone treatment adolescent boys with constitutional delay of growth and development

Soliman A.T., Khadir M.M.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):711-2

Spermatogenesis and long-term chelating therapy with desferrioxamine and deferiprone in adolescents with ß-thalassemia major

Mangiagli A., Campisi S.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):713-6

Persistent diffuse musculoskeletal pain in an adolescent. A case of primary fibromyalgia

Govoni M.R., Sprocati M., Cristofori G., Pedretti S., De Sanctis V.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):717-8

Sympathetic reflex dystrophy in adolescence

Capanna R., Ciampani M., Di Michele S., Pomilio M., Mohn A., Chiarelli F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):719-22

Chest pain and cocaine use

Raiola G., Galati M. C., Grande B., De Sanctis V., Salerno D., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):723-4

Compliance with therapeutic regimens in adolescents with epilepsy

Verrotti A., Trotta D., Salladini C., Madonna L., Di Corcia G., Priolo T., Chiarelli F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):725-6

Development of obesity in epileptic children and adolescents treated with valproate

Trotta D., Verrotti A., Madonna L., Salladini C., Di Corcia G. Priolo T., Chiarelli F.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):727-8

Colloid cysts of the third ventricle: case report

Mussari A., Raiola G., Arcuri V.M., Galati M.C.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):729-30

Seckel syndrome, chronic hypoadrenalism and vitiligo: a simple casual association?

Biondi M., De Brasi D., D'Avanzo M.G.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):731-2

A case of XYY syndrome

Raiola G., Galati M.C., De Sanctis V., Garofalo P., Salerno D., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):733-4

A rare association of Turner¹s syndrome and Marfan¹s syndrome in an adolescent girl

Cristofori G., Boccacci S., Pedretti S., De Sanctis V.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):735-6

Johansson-Blizzard syndrome and neurosecretory GH dysfunction

Cicchetti M., Macchiaroli A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):737-8

HAIR-AN syndrome in a young girl

Raiola G., De Sanctis V., Garofalo P., Galati M.C., Salerno D., Arcuri V.M., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):739-40

Primary amenorrhea after later menarche

Cicchetti M., Macchiaroli A., De Sordo S.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):741-2

Crushed vertebra in a young girl with osteoporosis

Raiola G., De Sanctis V., Garofalo P., Galati M.C., Salerno D., Arcuri V.M., Mussari A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):743-4

An adolescent girl with celiac disease and correlated autoimmune disorders. The role of diet and clinical follow-up

Liotta A., Tavormina R., Novara B., Lo Presti A., Maggio M.C.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):745-6

Ophthalmic side effects after use of transdermal scopolamine in an adolescent girl

De Sanctis V., Scorrano R., Gallè R., Sprocati M., Govoni M.R., Quatrale R.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):747-8

Thyroid hemiagenesis. Follow-up longer than 4 years in two adolescents

De Sanctis V., Scarcia S., Raiola G., Cammarata M.G., Capponnetto A.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):749-50

Multiple hypophyseal deficiency. Endocrine assessment and clinical follow-up

Liotta A., Novara B., Tavormina R., Lo Presti A., Maggio M.C.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):751-2

Scialolithiasis in two adolescents. Clinical evaluation, diagnosis and follow-up

De Sanctis V., Banin P., Pausini L., Corcione S.

Minerva Pediatrica 2002 December;54(6):753

Recurrent lipothymia in an adolescent boy

Marchi A., Gasparini C., Di Cesare Merlone A., Dalmazzo C., Murachelli C., Calcaterra V.

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