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A Journal on Ophthalmology

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4903


Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4)



Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):215-8

Experimental grounds and results of new approach towards the posterior chamber IOLs implantation in posterior lens capsule damage or absence

Logai I. M., Maltsev E. V., Usov V. Y.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):219-22

Methods of implantation of foldable IOLs

Palmieri L., Cirillo M., Servadei R.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):223-6

The management of astigmatism in cataract surgery by phacoemulsification

Fioretto M., Pissarello L., Gandolfo E., Fava G. P., Burtolo C., Orione C.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):227-30

Binocular functions in children with post-traumatic pseudophakia

Bobrova N. F., Boichuk I. M.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):231-2

Reconstructive surgery of traumatic cataracts in children

Bobrova N. F.


Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):233-4

Results of cleasing surfaces of the implanted intraocular lens with YAG-laser

Petrovski B., Markov Z.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):235-8

The vitreous problem in secondary intraocular lens implantation

Petrovski B.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):239-40

Optimization of SRK formula for IOL calculation in short and long eyes

Polizzi A., Saccà S., Camoriano G. P., Semino E., Cerruti S., Buono C., Colonna A., Danielli Micco M.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):241-4

Mechanism of pilocarpine effect in tissue structures of the eye anterior segment from the point of its interaction with free aminoacids

Veselovskyx J., Oláh Z., Veselovská Z., Veselá A.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):245-8

Provision with some vitamins and redox-state of free nicotinamide coenzymes in patients with senile cataract

Metelitsina I. P., Kolomiychuk S. G., Leus N. F., Kravchenko L. I.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):249-50

Evaluation of anterior segment by means of ultrasound biomicroscope (UBM)

Saccà S. C., Polizzi A., Camoriano G. P., Danielli Micco M., Semino E., Grosso S., Ghiglione D.


Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):251-2

Pathogenetic treatment of exogenous bacterial endophthalmitis

Logai I. M., Rodin S. S.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):253-4

Surgical management of the IOL dislocated in the vitreous body

Lai S., Gandolfo E., Mochi B., Patrone G., Grosso S., Cerruti S., Balestra G., Ciurlo G.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):255-6

The results of scleral supporting operations in children with progressive myopia

Bushueva N. N.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):257-8

Temporary parameters of the resolving ability of the eye and their significance for diagnosis and treatment of squint and amblyopia

Serdyuchenko V. I.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):259-60

The role of Computer Tomography in diagnostics of eye pathology

Legeza S. G., Sokolov V. N., Babkina T. M.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):261-2

Hystochemical investigation of aminoacids containing sulfur and summary protein in vitreous with uveitis

Savco V. V., Plevinskis V. P., Naritsina N. I., Konovalova N. V.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):263-4

Application of plasminogenum and plasminogenum-streptokinase complex in the treatment of intraocular haemorrage

Logai I. M., Petretskaya O. S., Novik A. Y., Metelitsina I. P.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):265-6

Echographic evaluation of tamponades in vitreo-retinal surgery

Rossi P. L., Polizzi A., Saccà S. C., Camoriano G. P., Magnasco A. U., Buono C.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):267-8

Comparison among different lenses for vitreous and fundus exploration

Murialdo U., Allegri P., Tedoldi F., Bertagno R., Ciurlo C.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):269-74

The influence of prismatic error in the surgical evaluation of the angle of squint

Burtolo C., Fioretto M., Fava G. P., Orione C., Gandolfo E., Pissarello L., Zappa G.

Minerva Oftalmologica 1998 December;40(4):275-9

Evaluation of surgical management of DVD by a ladder of ryser filters

Orione C., Fioretto M., Fava G. P., Burtolo C., Nicolò M., Gandolfo E.

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