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Minerva Oftalmologica 2011 December;53(4):95-101

language: Italian

Ballistic glasses used in Afghanistan: a case report

Lunardi F. 1, Pozza M. 2

1 Esercito Italiano, Roma, Italia
2 Esercito Italiano, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italia


In the last years it was seen an increase of ocular injuries due to using fragment weapons (rocket and mortar ammunitions) during military and combat actions. Even a minor ocular lesion can cause important disabilities for a soldier and also to jeopardize the mission. A penetrating ocular wound request an emergency evacuation from the battlefield and can cause permanent blindness. This fact stresses the importance to wear always ballistic glasses. Ballistic glasses must assure lightness, have to suit and to stay steady during movement, guarantee protection against sunlight and wind (without reducing visual acuity), assure central and lateral cover without any distortion of image and blurring with the temperature changes. In July 2008, an USA soldier was hit by several rocket propelled grenade (RPG) fragments without any eye injury thanks wearing ballistic glasses. Ballistic glasses result an important device for individual protection during war activities and in military exercises during peace time. Ballistic glasses use for every soldier would reduce considerably ocular trauma due to increase use of explosive and fragmentation ammunition in nowadays battlefields.

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