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Minerva Oftalmologica 2010 June;52(2):77-81

language: Italian

Coadministered lipoic acid and genistein contribute to blunt symptoms in a group of patients affected by diabetic retinopathy

Loffredo C., Agresta C., Agresta A.

Unità Operativa di Oculistica, Ospedale S. Luca, Vallo della Lucania, Salerno, Italia


Aim of this pilot study has been to evaluate whether the treatment of diabetic patients already affected by retina microangiopathy with a food supplement containing alpha-lipoic acid and genistein could blunt the symptoms associated with this complication of diabetes, typically associated with a poor control of blood sugar and the consequent oxidative stress. In fact, it is known that alpha-lipoic acid is an important co-factor in several intracellular enzymatic reactions, and a potent antioxidant, while genistein can improve the microcirculation also at the retina level. To this purpose, 30 diabetic patients have been treated (20) or not (10) with the food supplement, and followed for one year with controls at enrolment and after 6 and 12 months. Microaneurisms, haemorrhages, hard exudates and cotton wool spots, venous beading, intraretinic microvascular alterations (IRMA), new blood vessels within and outside the optic disk have been evaluated. The clinical results here reported suggest that the supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid and genisteine could indeed result in a slowing down of pathology progression and an improvement of the typical symptoms characterizing this pathology.

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