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A Journal on Ophthalmology

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4903


Minerva Oftalmologica 2009 December;51(4):147-51


Giant orbital retinoblastoma: a case report

Hadjistilianou T. 1, Borri M. 1, De Francesco S. 1, De Luca M. 1, Menicacci F. 1, Moretti S. 2, Scattoni R. 3, D’ambrosio G. 2

1 Dipartimento di Oftalmologia, Università di Siena, Siena, Italia
2 Clinica Pediatrica, Università di Siena, Siena, Italia
3 Clinica Pediatrica, Policlinico Gemelli, Roma, Italia

The authors report a case of giant orbital retinoblastoma following primary enucleation for intraocular tumor. The presence of worms was documented inside the tumoral mass. Methods. The child was diagnosed with unilateral advanced retinoblastoma at the age of one month and enucleated. Chemotherapy and/or radio-therapy had not been performed. Three months later a mass started growing in the anophtalmic socket and when the child arrived to our referral “center” the mass was as big as the child’s head. Complete excision of the mass and exenteration have been performed and the presence of worms has been documented in the necrotic part of tumor. Diagno-stic workup included computed tomography and magnetic resonance of the head and orbit, bone scintigraphy, lumbar puncture with cell count and examination of the cytocentifugate and bone marrow aspiration. The child passed away.

language: Italian


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