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A Journal on Forensic Medicine

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4849

Online ISSN 1827-1677



Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2)


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):123-54

Informed consent to surgery in Arab Muslim patients. Issues in health care and legal medicine. Operative proposals for medico-legal purposes

Iorio M., Avallone L.


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):155-68

Helping abused children talk about their experiences in forensic interviews

Brown D.A., Lamb M.E. 


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):169-78

Recent proclamations of the Italian Supreme Court and application of the penal provisions of the antidoping law 376 of 2000

Zampi M., Tassoni G., Frati P.


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):179-89

Medico-legal evaluation of taste disorders

Bonziglia S., Brosio C., Cavalot A.L., Albera R.


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):191-206

The spread of new illicit drugs in Italy

Zacà S., La Sala E., Blancato I. 


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):207-11

Biological markers in chemical-toxicological alcohol abuse tests

Zacà S., Pellegrino S., Petrarulo M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):213-24

Risk Management in sanitary work environment: legal occupational aspects

Massimelli M., Falcetta R., Rosate R., Ghiardi M., Converso D.


Minerva Medicolegale 2006 June;126(2):225-35

American Board of Forensic Odontology Guidelines for bitemarks analysis: reliability

Venegoni C., De Angelis D., Cattaneo C., Grandi M.

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