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A Journal on Forensic Medicine




Minerva Medicolegale 2013 September;133(3):159-68

language: Italian

Role of the insurance company’s advisor: duties, modalities, criticality, ethics. The fall of an empire or a different modernity?

Massimelli M.

Medico Legale, Libero Professionista, Torino, Italia


This contribution is part of a more articulated body of works on the same subject. Other authors have presented the necessary preconditions of technical, legal and insurance nature, and considerations over both the roles of the insured’s arbiter and of the so-called third arbiter. It was decided to address the role of the insurance company’s advisor not relying on the classical canons of scientific publication, but instead trying to offer a more personal interpretation, probably susceptible to multiple reading levels. Therefore, we will not describe arbitrations addressed in first person, nor we will try to offer some sort of “best model” of professional conduct. Instead, we will rely on an original reading framework that, through the different sensitivity of a non-contemporary observer, will try to provide cues ‑ sometimes shared, sometimes profoundly dissimilar ‑ arising from contributions historically and scientifically formally not comparable.

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