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Minerva Medicolegale 1999 December;119(4): 199-212

language: Italian

An electron microscope study on biological effects induced by weak electromagnetic fields

Pierini G., Cassini R., Tayari M., Montemitro A. M.


Background. Interaction between electric current and living systems has been for a long period until now a hard duty in scientific research, pointed to physical properties and biological effects of elecromagnetic fields. Recent developments in non linear properties of living matter has made a considerable effort to approach chaotic dynamics when cells are clamped with electromagnetic fields. Non statistical models open a wide insight on limit properties of life. The authors offer a broad exemplification of physical concepts about non-linearity by a scanning elecron microscope research on cells and tissues from electrical injury death autopsy.
Methods. The research was conducted on skin and soft tissues in cases of electric death, comparing SEM results with those of optical previous works.
Results. Results confirm previous optical observations about cell elongation, but suggest that elongation may be the result of interactions of Magnetic Resonance with the total ion content of cells. Non-linear effects of Joule-related lesion was observed only in derma; in soft tissues and central nervous system the effects of electric current are less evident; in bladder only a dramatic effect of lesion is related on water content and its dielectric properties.
Conclusions. This report open a new window on interactions between energy and cells, and living matter characterized by the full immersion in electromagnetic waves on the basis of a critical equilibrium, that may be impaired also by a change in low energy range.

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