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A Journal on Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0026-4784

Online ISSN 1827-1650


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5)


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):303-6

Minilaparoscopy and open laparoscopy: prevention of laparoscopic complications

Porcelli A., Taccani C., Calleri L. F.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):307-12

Day-surgery operative hysteroscopy in loco-regional anesthesia

Cannì M., Gallia L., Fanzago E., Bocci F., Bertini U., Barbero M.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):313-20

The role of diagnostic hysteroscopy in infertile women

Brusco G. F., Arena S., Angelini A.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):321-30

Meconium concentration and amniotic fluid index influence the outcome of amnioinfusion

Puertas A., Carrillo M. P., Álvarez M., Cañizares J. M., Miño M., Malde J.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):331-6

Preventable perinatal mortality

Colla F., Alba E., Grio R.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):337-40

Current role of bed-rest in threarened abortion

Giobbe M., Fazzio M., Boni T.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):341-6

Magnetic Resonance (MR) in endometrial carcinoma preoperative evaluation

Wiesenfeld U., Cova M., De Lazslo P., Tinelli A., Mangino F., Grimaldi E., Guaschino S.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):347-50

The role of capacitation in intrauterine insemination as a treatment of male infertility

Calleri L. F., Taccani C., Porcelli A.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):351-6

Current clinical features of septic abortion in western countries. A series of cases observed during 1998 at the 1st and 2nd department of obstetrics and gynecology of the University of Rome ''La Sapienza''

Spina V., Bertelli S., Bartucca B., Bonessio L., Aleandri V.


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):357-62

Effects of gonadotropins on oocyte maturation

Tommaselli G. A., Pellicano M., Acunzo G., Ferrara C., Fele A., Di Spiezio Sardo A., Nappi C.


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):363-6

Vulvar Paget disease. Two cases with cytokeratin 7 and 20 expression

Bilenchi R., Andreassi A., Santopietro R., Miracco C., Biagioli M., Cardone C., Andreassi L.


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):367-72

Cesarean section according to Stark. Personal experience

Messalli E. M., Cobellis L., Pierno G.


Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):373-6

Risks in pregnancy and delivery

Alba E., Maffei S., Corvetto L., Colla F.

Minerva Ginecologica 2001 October;53(5):377-8

Previous cesarean section: fashion and objective data

Londero F.

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