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Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6)


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):545-50

Minimally invasive thyroidectomy: state of the art

Miccoli P., Minuto M. N.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):551-8

The role of liver surgery in the treatment of non-colorectal non-neuroendocrine metastases (NCRNNE). Analysis of 134 resected patients

Ercolani G., Vetrone G., Grazi G. L., Cescon M., Di Gioia P., Ravaioli M., Del Gaudio M., Tuci F., Zanello M., Cucchetti A., D. Pinna A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):559-64

Use of alprostadil, a stable prostaglandin E1 analogue, for the attenuation of rat skeletal muscle ischemia and reperfusion injury

Antonio L. G. M., Evora P. R. B., Piccinato C. E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):565-71

Thyroidectomy in patients at high-risk of bleeding: can it be safely performed?

Abboud B., Sleilaty G., Braidy C., Melkane A., Nasr F.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):573-88

Minimally invasive surgical techniques in the treatment of lung cancer

Park B. J., Heerdt P. M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):589-98

Stereotactic radiosurgery for lung cancer

Banki F., Luketich J. D., Chen H., Christie N., Pennathur A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):599-609

Adjuvant therapy for lung cancer

Merk J., Leschber G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):611-28

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Pinder-Schenck M., Bepler G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):629-41

Chemotherapy regimens for non-small cell lung cancer

Loi M., Roche N., Alifano M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):643-53

Cancer vaccines for non-small-cell lung cancer

Palma M., Choudhury A., Mellstedt H.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):655-63

Quality of life after lung cancer surgery: a review

Balduyck B., Hendriks J., Sardari Nia P., Lauwers P., Van Schil P.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):665-8

Resection and end-to-end anastomosis for ascending aortic aneurysm: surgical technique

Gaeta R., Savasta M., Tancredi F., Monaco F., Lentini S.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):669-71

Synchronous pleuro - renal solitary fibrous tumors: a new clinical-pathological finding

Petrella F., Monfardini L., Musi G., Pelosi G., Veronesi G., Leo F., Solli P., Borri A., Galetta D., Gasparri R., Scanagatta P., Spaggiari L.


Minerva Chirurgica 2009 December;64(6):673-6

Isolated dissection of the superior mesenteric artery: conservative approach in a selected patient

Rispoli P., Casella F., Lorenzati B., Guerzoni V., Gruden G., Conforti M., Varetto G.

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