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A Journal on Surgery

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0026-4733

Online ISSN 1827-1626


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4)


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):431-8

Laparoscopic colectomy for colon cancer

Hahnloser D., Nelson H.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):439-46

Laparoscopic colorectal resection with curative intent. Own results and review of the literature

Scheidbach H., Lippert H., Köckerling F.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):447-58

Laparoscopic treatment of colonic polyps. A review

Baig M. K., Wexner S. D.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):459-68

Advances in surgical treatment of rectal cancer

Rullier E., Laurent C.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):469-78

Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Current management

Martin R., Jarnagin W.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):479-90

Practical management of liver transplant recipients for hepatitis C

Saab S., Busuttil R. W.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):491-508

Laparoscopic versus open hemicolectomy

Lezoche E., Feliciotti F., Guerrieri M., Paganini A. M., De Sanctis A., Campagnacci R., D'Ambrosio G.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):509-14

Laparoscopic sigmoid resection

Corcione F., Cusano T., Pirozzi F., Cuccurullo D., Caiazzo P., Pisaniello D., Vittoria I.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):515-22

Surgical treatment for colorectal cancer in patients over 80 years. Short and long term results

Capra F., Scintu F., Zorcolo L., Casula G.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):523-32

Gastrointestinal carcinoids. Prognosis and survival

Caprotti R., Angelini C., Mussi C., Romano F., Sartori P., Scaini A., Muselli P., Uggeri F.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):533-40

Early laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of acute cholecystitis

Catani M., De Milito R., Spaziani E., Di Filippo A., Manili G., Capitano S., Simi M.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):541-4

Prognostic factors of cirrhotic patients in extra-hepatic surgery

Franzetta M., Raimondo D., Giammanco M., Di Tra-pani B., Passariello P., Sammartano A., Di Gesù G.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):545-50

Artificial nutrition for the treatment of short bowel syndrome

Giammanco M., Caldiero G., Raimondo D., Sammar-tano A., Frazzetta M., Vetri G., Di Gesù G.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):551-6

Evaluation of lung function as a prognostic index before and after surgical resection due to NSCLC

Pavia R., Monaco F., Mondello B., Barresi P., Barone M., Familiari D., Monaco M.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):557-62

Subfascial endoscopic perforating surgery. Personal experience

Costante F., Panero D., Lanati I., Giordano O.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):563-70

Conservative surgery for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

Tersigni R., Mencacci R., Alessandroni L., Baiano G., Mardarella C., Parisi A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):571-80

So-called benign broncho-esophageal fistula

Ferrante G., Gentile M., Griffo S. G. R., Fraioli G., Liberti D.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):581-6

Alteration of hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal glands axis in colorectal cancer patients. Preliminary report

Crippa S., Mussi C., Angelini C., Caprotti R., Bonardi C., Muselli P., Scotti M., Piacentini G., Uggeri F.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):587-90

Diagnosis of complete mainstem bronchus avulsion by 3-dimensional spiral CT scan of the chest

Baisi A., Nosotti M., Cioffi U., De Simone M., Rosso L., Cappelletti M., Triggiani M., Santambrogio L.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):591-4

Complications due to mechanical sutures in laparoscopic surgery: bowel obstruction caused by staple. Case report and literature review

Petrocelli P., Corsale I., Giannessi S., Cerone M., Colugnat D., Matocci G. C.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):595-600

Description of a case of giant adrenal myelolipoma and survey of the literature

Iorio B., Gravante G., Pietrasanta D., Boffo V., Crabo-ledda P., Filingeri V., Rosati R., Casciani C. U.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):601-6

Difficult hernia repair in the elderly. A particular case

Campanelli G., Senni-Buratti M., Ruca A., Nicolosi F. M., Contessini-Avesani E.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):607-14

Gastric diverticulum. A case report with long-term follow-up and a review of the literature

Mosca F., Stracqualursi A., Persi A., Calabrò V., Zappalà O.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):615-20

Trauma of the liver and hepatic pedicle

Cataldi C., Vennarecci G., Tuccimei U., Ballatore S., Mazzarella Farao R.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):621-8

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis. Technical aspects and personal experience

Casciola L., Ceccarelli G., Di Zitti L., Valeri R., Bellochi R., Bartoli A., Barbieri F., Spaziani A., D'Ajello M.

Minerva Chirurgica 2003 August;58(4):629-34

The role of surgical therapy for esophageal microcytoma. Experience of there clinical cases and results analysis

Brega-Massone P. P., Conti B., Lequaglie C., Ferro F., Cataldo I.

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