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Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3)


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):269-80

Minimally invasive radioguided parathyroidectomy (MIRP)

Goldstein R. E., Martin W. H., Richards K.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):281-96

The role of lymphadenectomy in gastric cancer in elderly patients

Donati D., Nano M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):297-304

Objective measurement of remission and progression in metastatic breast cancer by the use of serum tumour markers

Cheung K. L., Robertson F. R.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):305-12

Renal artery aneurysms: diagnosis, management and outcomes

Henke P. K., Stanley J. C.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):313-20

Carbon dioxide embolization: is it a complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

Scoletta P., Morsiani E., Ferrocci G., Maniscalco P., Pellegrini D., Colognesi A., Azzena G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):321-30

Risk of recurrence following partial thyroidectomy for benign lesions. Report of 58 patients 15-25 years after surgery

Basili G., Biagini C., Manetti A., Martini F., Biliotti G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):331-4

Inguinal tension-free hernioplasty performed by day-care surgery in a not specialized hospital

Salamina G., Agostini M., Venturi M., Pericolo T., Valenghi D., Boccasanta P.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):335-40

''Switch prophylaxis one a day'' with levofloxacin in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Angiò L. G., Pacilè V., Versaci A., Fracassi M. G., Rosato A., Piazzese E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):341-4

Treatment of complicated peptic ulcer: personal experience

Caira A., Ugolini G., Catena F., Pasqualini E., De Bonis F., Peruzzi S., Campione O.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):345-50

Peritonitis secondary to gastrointestinal perforations

Cicciarella G., Chiarenza S., Basile G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):351-4

A rare surgical complication of Crohn's diseases: free peritoneal perforation

Veroux M., Angriman I., Ruffolo C., Barollo M., Veroux P., Caglia P., Sommariva A., Fiamingo P., D'Amico D. F.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):355-60

Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy with a radiofrequency scalpel

Filingeri V., Rosati R., Gravante G., Pietrasanta D., Fiorito R., Casciani C. U.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):361-8

Neurovenous superficial inferior epigastric flaps in rats

Valdatta L., Reguzzoni M., Buoro M., Congiu T., Thione A., Tuinder S., Fidanza C.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):369-74

Free anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction of head and neck defects: preliminary results and a comparison with the radial forearm flap

Ribuffo D., Tenna S., Chiummariello S., Cigna E., Fioramonti P., Minni A., Scuderi N.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):375-84

Cancer risk in breast lesions: diagnostic and therapeutic strategy

Bove F., Bilancio G., De Falco M., Parmeggiani D., Sperlongano P., Barbarisi A., Parmeggiani U.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):385-8

Cystic pneumatosis of the colon after liver transplantation

Halkic S., Zeini S., Mosimann F., Gillet M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):389-92

Postoperative chylous ascites after radical gastrectomy. A case report

Halkic N., Abdelmoumene A., Suardet L., Mosimann F.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):393-4

Gallbladder torsion. A case report

Iannelli A., Marano A., Fabiani P., Habre J., Converset S., Laumans M., Gugenheim J.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):395-8

Severe obstructive jaundice in a 90-year-old man caused by an annular pancreas. Report of a case

Adamo M., Bonventre S., Tavormina A., Vetri G., Di Gesù G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):399-404

Pancreatic pseudocysts. Clinical contribution

Basile G., Buffone A., Bonaccorso A., Cicciarella G., Chiarenza S., Cirino E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):405-8

Heterotopic pancreas in the ampulla of Vater

Contini S., Zinicola R., Bonati L., Caruana P.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):409-12

Enema-induced intestinal perforation. A case report

Messina M., Ferrucci E., Meucci D., Roggi A., Laganà C.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):413-4

Subtotal splenectomy for treatment of retarted growth and sexual development associated with splenomegaly

Petroianu A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):415-20

Biphasic blastoma of the lung. Report of 4 consecutive cases and evaluation of long-term prognosis

Brega-Massone P. P., Conti B., Lequaglie C., Cataldo I.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):421-6

Actinomycosis infection presenting as malignant pelvic frostbite

Negri L., Cavalli E., Toschi C., Bonomi S., Virzì S.


Minerva Chirurgica 2003 June;58(3):427-30

Changing patterns of surgical ulcer complications in the Greek population. A single center experience

Pavlidis T. E., Atmatzidis K. S., Papaziogas B. T., Koutelidakis I. M., Galanis I. M., Papaziogas T.

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