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A Journal on Surgery

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Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5)


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):543-60

The current status and future outlook of intestinal transplantation

Abu-Elmagd K., Bond G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):561-74

The molecular genetics of pancreatic ductal carcinoma

Sohn T. A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):575-86

Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma

Hemming A. W., Nelson D. R., Reed A. I.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):587-96

Apoptosis role in hepatic graft rejection

Bertolaccini L., Olivero G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):597-606

Cytoreduction and hyperthermic-antiblastic peritoneal (HAPP) in peritoneal carcinomatosis

Vaira M., Scuderi S., Costamagna D., Barone R., Aghemo B., Mioli P. R., De Simone M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):607-24

Video-assisted surgery in oncology. From diagnostic applications to therapeutic possibilities

Russo A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):625-34

Reduction pneumoplasty for severe emphysema. Does the debate await a neat sentence?

Mineo T. C., Pompeo E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):635-40

Techniques and outcomes of laparoscopic surgery in the gastroesophageal reflux disease

Mastrorilli M., Benassai G., Quarto G., Cantelmo A., Pastore M., Mastrorilli G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):641-8

Superextended lymphadenectomy (D4) in the treatment of gastric cancer

Di Leo A., Pedrazzani C., Bonfiglio M., Borzellino G., Zerman G., Tasselli S., De Manzoni G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):649-56

Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer. The incidence of infection in personal experience

Caputo S., Mosca F., Persi A., Ettaro G., Scaringi S., Russo G., Piazza D.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):657-62

The use of surgical endo-prosthesis in the treatment of choledocolithiasis in the elderly. Personal experience

Burattini M. F., Covarelli P., Cristofani R., Moriconi E., Servoli A., Cavazzoni E., Ricci E., Bartoli A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):663-8

Analysis of pathogenetic mechanisms of common bile duct iatrogenic lesion during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. A review of the literature

Schiano di Visconte M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):669-72

Long-term results of endoscopic treatment of biliary stenosis from laparoscopic cholecystectomy

De Palma G. D., Sottile R., Masone S., Persico M., Siciliano S., Magno L., Persico G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):673-82

Gynaecological pelvic mass. Clinical assessment in emergency

Zuccon W., Caputo P., Faccini M., Gambini D., Bonandrini L.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):683-8

Endoscopic treatment of intestinal anastomotic leakage in low anterior resection of the rectum by using fibrin adhesive. Our experience

Testi W., Vernillo R., Spagnulo M., Genovese A., Picchianti D., Stefanoni M., Terreni C., Lorenzi M., De Martino A., Mancini S.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):689-94

Renal stone ileus in xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. A case report

Schieroni R., Dogliani M., Acanfora F., Gandini G., Poy F., Borello G., Sancipriano G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):695-8

Primary adenocarcinoma of the appendix. Case report and review of the literature

Rassu P. C., Cassinelli G., Ronzitti F., Bronzino P., Stanizzi T., Casaccia M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):699-702

Adenomas of the nipple

Interlandi A., Busacca G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):703-6

Bochdaleck hernia in adults. Case report

Traverso E., Martinelli G., Scabini S., Lanati I., Frascio M., Reboa G., Berti Riboli E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):707-10

Use of the “flat mesh” T4r in the Trabucco inguinal hernioplasty. Note of technique

Festa V., Rollino R., Baracchi F., Morino M., Morino F., Trabucco E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 October;57(5):711-6

A computer-based preoperative planning for the surgical treatment of unilateral breast hypoplasia

Raposio E., Caregnato P., Barabino P., Gualdi A., Orefice A., Spagnolo A., Capello C., Santi P. L.

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