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A Journal on Surgery

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Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4)


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):391-6

The operative risk in the surgical treatment of bile duct stone

Di Mauro S., Pracanica G., Belnome N. A., Salibra M., La Malfa G., Turrisi M., Cesario E.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):397-402

Barrett's esophagus in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease. Medical therapy or antireflux surgery?

Klaus A., Mühlmann G., Kirchmayr W., Weiss H., Wetscher G. J.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):403-24

Bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumours

Rena O., Filosso P. L., Ruffini E., Oliaro A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):425-36

Sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer

Tafra L.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):437-48

Biomarkers for breast cancer

Beenken S. W., Bland K. I.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):449-56

Goseki classification in adenocarcinoma of the cardias

De Manzoni G., Pedrazzani C., Di Leo A., Bonfiglio M., Zerman G., Tasselli S., Borzellino G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):457-60

The Trabucco technique in the treatment of inguinal hernias; A six-year experience

Cucci M., De Carlo A., Di Luzio P., Masella M., Casciani E., D'Amico G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):461-6

Positron emission-computed tomography in diagnosis and staging of lung neoplasms. Personal experience

Mezzetti M., Calati A. M., Schubert L.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):467-74

Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration and cholecystectomy versus endoscopic stone extraction and laparoscopic cholecystectomy for choledocholithiasis. A prospective randomized study

Sgourakis G., Karaliotas K.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):475-80

Multifactorial prognostic analysis in the surgical treatment of well differentiated thyroid neoplasms

Zani B., Tirone G., Valduga P., Silvestri M., Eccher C.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):481-8

Sentinel node biopsy for malignant melanoma. Technical details and clinical results on 390 patients

Caggiati A., Migliano E., Potenza C., Gabrielli F., Tartaglione G., Pacchiarotti A., Ruatti P., Puddu P.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):489-94

Venous microanastomoses by fibrin glue versus standard technique

Pelayo Salas Á., Perez Ruiz L., Marco Estarreado L., Guidolin D., Del Carmen Garcés Guallart M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):495-502

Office surgery. Personal clinical experience

Pepe N. R., Mancini E., Lupi M.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):503-6

Alcohol treatment of hydatid cyst in a case of old hydatidosis with hepatic skip

Giordano A., Santagata A., Di Meo E., Della Corte L., Di Robbio R.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):507-8

Laparoscopic tumorectomy of renal carcinoma recurred in remaining kidney

Cursio R., Choquenet C.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):509-12

Mesenteric cyst neoformation. A case report

Franciosi C., Romano F., Giardino A., Piacentini M. G., Ferrari Bravo A., Motta V., Uggeri F.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):513-6

An unusual case of retroperitoneal accessory spleen with vascular supply directly from the aorta

Souparis A., Papaziogas B., Alexandrakis A., Kouteli-dakis J., Paraskevas G., Papaziogas T.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):517-20

Verneuil's disease or perianal hydradenitis suppurativa

Pelayo Salas A., Perez Ruiz L., Adornetto R., Babic F., Fermiñán Rodriguez A., Del Carmen Garcés Guallart M., Ros Lopez S.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):521-6

A modified technique of gallbladder dissection from the liver during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Personal technique

Petrocelli P., Giannessi S., Corsale I., Colugnat D., Lucherini M., Cerone M., Matocci G.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):527-30

New technique for optical control of the first trocar insertion

Lombezzi R., Galleano R., Lucarini L., Falchero F.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):531-6

Intestinal transplantation in the rat. Surgical technique

Sommariva A., Vennarecci G., Feo C. F., Bakonyi Neto A.


Minerva Chirurgica 2002 August;57(4):537-42

Laboratory model of a microvascular free flap in the rat: the epigastric flap

Schonauer F., La Rusca I., Gonzales Y Reyero E., Romagnuolo M., Molea G.

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