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A Journal on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1120-4826

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Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4)


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):213-22

Natural gelling polysaccharides: indispensable partners in bioencapsulation technology

Murano E.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):223-33

Alginate as immobilization matrix for cells

Strand B. L., Morsch Y. A., Skjak-Braek G.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):235-40

Preliminary research on biocompatibility of alginate-chitosan-polyethyleneglycol microcapsules

Lou W., Qin X., Wu Z.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):241-8

Immobilization/encapsulation of cells using electrostatic droplet generation. Experiments and theory

Pjanovic R., Goosen M. F. A., Nedovic V., Bugarski B.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):249-64

Characterization methods for microcapsules

Schuldt U., Hunkeler D.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):265-9

Enzyme encapsulation for biocatalysis in organic solvents. New approaches to the stereoselective synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds

Ansorge-Schumacher M. B., Doumèche B., Metrangelo D., Hartmeier W.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):271-8

The effect of different in vitro solutions in the dissolution of calcium pectinate beads intended for the delivery of live cells to the human large intestine

Chan W. A., Boswell C. D., Zhang Z.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):279-86

Drying of probiotic micro-organisms in aqueous two-phase systems

Elofsson U., Millqvist-Fureby A.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):287-92

Inclusion complexation with cyclodextrins

Klein C. T., Viernstein H., Wolschann P.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):293-300

Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose phthalate (HPMCP) microparticles for enteric delivery of glucosinolate derived products from Cruciferous vegetable

Cortesi R., Esposito E., Cantelli D., Nastruzzi C.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):301-4

Anti Listeria monocytogenes activity of the lactoperoxidase system (LPS) using encapsulated substrates

Jacquot M., Revol-Junelles A. M., Millier J. B., Miclo A., Poncelet D.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):305-8

Macrocapsules as a novel alternative for systemic in vivo delivery of virus vector

Saller R. M., Stange J., Mitzner S., Von Rombs K., Hutzler P., Dautzenberg H., Gunzburg W. H., Salmons B.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):309-17

Encapsulation of Sertoli’s cells for in vivo transplantation

Luca G., Calafiore R., Basta G., Ricci M., Rossi C., Nastruzzi C.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):319-30

Beer production using immobilized cell technology

Willaert R.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):331-5

Improvement in beer fermentation under very high gravity conditions by entrapped yeast

Smogrovicova D., Patkrova J., Domény Z., Navratil M.


Minerva Biotecnologica 2000 December;12(4):337-44

Fermented beverages produced by yeast cells entrapped in ionotropic hydrogels of polysaccharide nature

Novratil M., Gemeiner P., Sturdik E., Domeny Z., Smogrovicova D., Antalova Z.

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