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A Journal on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

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Minerva Biotecnologica 2003 September;15(3):185-9


Xenotransplantation of algi­nate-chit­o­san-poly­ethy­le­neg­ly­col micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed rat ­islets in the treat­ment of ­mice dia­betes mel­lit­us. Preliminary ­data and ­future per­spec­tive

Lou W., Qin X., Wu Z.

Department of General Surgery, Zhong Shan Hospital, FuDan University, Shangai, China

Aim. To com­pare the ­results of xen­o­tran­splan­ta­tion of Alginate-poly­ly­sine-algi­nate micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed rat ­islets (APA micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­group) and algi­nate-chit­o­san-poly­ethy­le­neg­ly­col micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed rat ­islets (ACP micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­group) in the treat­ment of ­mice dia­betes mel­lit­us.
Methods. Streptozotosin 220 mg/kg ­intra-abdom­i­nal injec­tion pre­pared the C57BL/6 ­mice dia­bet­ic mod­el. Three ­groups ­were ­assigned: ­naked rat ­islet ­group; APA micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­islets trans­plan­ta­tion ­group and ACP micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­islets trans­plan­ta­tion ­group; 200 of ­each ­kind of ­islets ­were trans­plant­ed ­into the abdom­i­nal cav­ities of dia­bet­ic ­mice in the respec­tive ­groups. The lev­els of ­blood glu­cose ­were record­ed ­before and ­after the trans­plan­ta­tion.
Results. One day ­after trans­plan­ta­tion, the lev­el of ­blood glu­cose of all ­groups was ­returned to nor­mal. On the 2nd day, the lev­el of ­blood glu­cose of the ­naked ­islet ­group was ­back to the pretrans­plan­ta­tion lev­el, ­while ­that of the APA micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­group and the ACP micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed ­group ­were ­kept in the nor­mal ­range for 57±14.61 and 41.67±16.73 ­days ­after trans­plan­ta­tion respec­tive­ly. No dif­fer­ence was ­observed ­between ­these 2 ­groups.
Conclusion. The ACP micro­cap­sule ­could pro­vide ­immune iso­la­tion to ­xeno-­islets as the APA micro­cap­sule ­does; trans­plan­ta­tion of APA micro­en­cap­su­lat­ed rat ­islets ­could ­reverse the dia­bet­ic ­state of ­mice.

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