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Official Journal of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation
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Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1)


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):1-7

Epidemiology of injuries in youth soccer

Volpi P., Bisciotti G. N.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):9-18

Rectus abdominis and rectus femoris muscle activity while performing conventional unweighted and weighted seated abdominal trunk curls

Brown G. A., Heiserman K., Shaw B. S., Shaw I.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):19-30

Strength ability, endurance and anthropometric parameters in youth football: descriptive analysis and functional relationships

Sannicandro I., Spedicato M., Palaia G., Cofano G., Bisciotti G. N., Eirale C.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):31-42

Application of thermovisual body image analysis in the evaluation of paddling effects on a kayak ergometer

Rynkiewicz M., Korman P., Żurek P., Rynkiewicz T.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):43-8

Comparison of reaction time and Body Mass Index in football training children and sedentary children

Dokuyucu R., Demir T., Bilgic M., Saglik M., Pündük Z., Daglioglu O., Gur A., Bagci C.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):49-55

Effect of selected games on the development of manipulative skills in 4-6 year-old preschool girls

Hashemi M., Khameneh N. N., Salehian M. H.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):57-79

Globesity. Physical exercise and the incidence of overweight and obesity: research carried over the past ten years on a physically active population

Faiola F., Bianchi G., Luciani U., Speranza G., Casasco M.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):81-90

Strength exercise with and without self-adapted mouthguard: an acute study

Gollin M., Beratto L.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):91-8

Association between levels of precompetitive anxiety in bodybuilding athletes

Ferreira L. C., Novaes J., Rodrigues Neto G., Costa Silva E. G., Aidar F. J., Sousa N. J.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):99-107

Effect of various attentional focus instructions on novice javelin throwing skill performance

Asadi A., Abdoli B., Farsi A., Saemi E.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):109-12

Isolated lesser trochanter fracture in a 14 years old soccer player

La Cauza F., Bianchi E., Lorenzoni A.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):113-9

Ostium sinus venosus atrial septal defect in a young athlete: the role of the electrocardiogram and auscultation

Ciccarone G., Bilardo G., Martelli G., Ismael M., Scalchi G., Gioffredi A., Bonso A.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):121-7

The evolution of modern pentathlon following the introduction of the latest changes to the rules

Parisi A., Tranchita E., Magini V., Fabrizi E., Cerulli C., Cardelli G.


Medicina dello Sport 2015 March;68(1):135-62

A new frontier in sports therapy: AMPA system (personalized and adapted motor activity)

Lamberti V. Jr., Nardini S., Romano P., Menegon T., Lamberti V. Sr.

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