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Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4)


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):529-37

Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: the old and the new

Mariani P. P.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):539-53

The effects of supervised Slackline Training on postural balance in judoists

Santos L., Fernández-Río J., Fernández-García B., Due Jakobsen M.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):555-68

Evaluation of factors affecting sports performance among junior athletes in kayaking

Rynkiewicz M., Rynkiewicz T., Żurek P.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):569-79

Effects of a tennis tournament on players’ hand grip strength, pressure pain threshold and visual analogue scale

Şahin Kafkas A., Emin Kafkas M., Durmuş B., Açak M.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):581-92

Designing the simulation training of taekwondo competition according to heart rate, blood lactate and rating of perceived exertion

Samadi M., Nazem F., Gharaat M. A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):593-601

Diffusion of smoking in competitive sport

Di Cave P., Appodia M., Todaro A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):603-15

Association between resting metabolic rate and objectively measured physical activity in South African adolescents: the PAHL study

Wushe S. N., Moss S. J., Monyeki M. A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):617-31

Physical activity and assessment of motor performance in elderly and young population by means of wearable inertial sensors

Nerozzi E., Monaco M. M., Pegreffi F., Drago E., Tentoni C.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):633-41

Pilot study on cardiac and metabolic responses to moderate-altitude endurance training in middle-distance runners

Polizzi G., Giaccone M., Gervasi M., D’Amato A., Palma A., Bartolucci C., Brandoni G., Federici A., Lucertini F.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):643-52

Post-exercise blood pressure responses to upper and lower limbs resistance exercise

Mohebbi H., Rohani H., Ghiasi A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):653-68

Common acupoints and treatment parameters of acupuncture treatments for knee osteoarthritis

Ma H., Zhang S., Zhang X.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):669-96


Boni G., Mattiacci F., Biasini E., Spaccapanico Proietti S., Pampanelli G., Trabalza M., Ferri A. C., Franci M., Capodicasa A., Gargaglia F., Laurent L., Giannini S.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 December;67(4):703-32

Sporting activities and solid organ transplantation

Roi G. S., Totti V., Zancanaro M., Mosconi G., Trerotola M., Nanni Costa A., Antonetti T., Anedda A.

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