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Medicina dello Sport 1999 March;52(1):49-56

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Inci­dence of hem­a­turia, ­total pro­tei­nuria and sed­i­ment alter­a­tions asso­ciated with endu­rance exer­cise

Pérez-Ruiz M. 1, Lucia A. 1, Vaquero A. F. 1, Banderas F. 2, Chicharro J. L. 3

1 Depart­ment of Mor­phology and Phys­iology, Euro­pean Uni­ver­sity of ­Madrid, ­Spain;
2 Depart­ment of Tox­i­cology and ­Forensic Med­i­cine, Com­plu­tense Uni­ver­sity, ­Madrid, ­Spain;
3 Infir­mary ­School, ­Faculty of Med­i­cine, Com­plu­tense Uni­ver­sity, ­Madrid, ­Spain


Objec­tive. The eti­ology of the ­changes in ­urine com­po­si­tion ­induced by ­intense and pro­longed exer­cise is not ­well under­stood. The pur­pose of ­this inves­ti­ga­tion was to eval­uate the inci­dence of hem­a­turia, pro­tei­nuria and sed­i­ment alter­a­tions ­before, imme­di­ately ­after and ­during the 72 h fol­lowing an endu­rance ­type of com­pe­ti­tion.
Experi­mental ­design. ­Fifty ­three ath­letes [28 ­long dis­tance run­ners (R), 11 foot­ballers (F), and 14 ama­teur ­cyclists (C)] ­formed the ­study pop­u­la­tion. ­Urine sam­ples ­were ­taken ­before and 30 min­utes, 6, 24, 48 and 72 ­hours ­after cor­re­sponding com­pe­ti­tions to esti­mate ­changes in com­po­si­tion. ­Venous ­blood and ­urine sam­ples ­obtained ­from 29 of the sub­jects (15 R and 14 C) ­served e deter­mine crea­ti­nine clear­ance (glo­mer­ular fil­trate ­index). ­Urine sam­ples ­showing ­post-exer­cise pro­tei­nuria ­above ref­er­ence ­values ­were fur­ther sub­jected immu­no­chem­ical anal­ysis of the pro­teins.
­Results. ­Post-exer­cise hem­a­turia was ­found in 60%, 28.57%, and 45.45% of R, C and F respec­tively ­although ­there was no sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence ­between ­groups. ­Only 5 run­ners (33.3%) and 4 ­cyclists (28.57%) ­showed sig­nif­i­cant pro­tei­nuria (p<0.05) ­with ­albumin as the pre­dom­i­nant pro­tein. ­Mean ­post-exer­cise crea­ti­nine clear­ance [127.33±23.8 ml·(min-1·1.73 m2)-1] was sig­nif­i­cantly ­greater ­than the pre-exer­cise ­value but ­within phys­io­log­ical ­limits.
Con­clu­sions. Exer­cise ­seems to ­induce rever­sible ­changes in ­urine com­po­si­tion ­with ­normal param­eter ­values ­attained ­after 24 ­hours. No sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence was ­found ­with ­respect to ­these ­cbanges ­between ath­lete ­groups.

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