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A Journal on Maxillofacial Trauma

Frequency: 3 issues

Official Journal of the International Society of Maxillofacial Trauma

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Most read articles over the last three weeks

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 August;2(2):33-45
Clinical and radiologic evaluation of mandibular fracture treatment: a prospective clinical study
Yadav A., Tauro D. P., Kamath R., Yadav G. S., Kumar S.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 April;2(1):14-22
Management of zygomatic complex fractures compared with treatment based on Rowe and William’s classification: a clinical study
Verma A., Jindal N., Singh V., Goel M., Yadav S.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 December;2(3):55-60
Comparison of intermaxillary fixation versus manual method of reduction in the management of mandibular fractures
Sharma A., Kumar B. P. R., Kenkere D., Kumar Rai K., Preet Singh H.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2012 August;1(2):51-4
Nonsurgical management of blunt laryngotracheal trauma: case report and review of literature
Shessel B.A., Lee S.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 August;2(2):46-9
Face-bow assisted zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture reduction
Jundt J., Vuu T., Demian N.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2012 August;1(2):43-50
Analysis of maxillofacial trauma at Rohtak (Haryana), India: five years prospective study
Malik S., Singh V., Singh G.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2012 August;1(2):55-8
Delayed removal of a third molar displaced by mandibular ballistic injury
Rubin D., Maskas N., Conquest M.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2012 August;1(2):59-63
Polyetheretherketone patient-specific implant utilized in fronto-orbital reconstruction
Goddard A. C., Hagan R. T., Kuhen Smith R., Christian J. M.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 April;2(1):1-13
Fibula free flaps for mandibular reconstruction: a 10-year experience including the introduction of virtual surgical planning
Honeybrook A., Sexton K., Patel A., Kelly K., Foley B., Press S., Bruce Shack R., Thayer W.

Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 April;2(1):23-5
Endoscope assisted removal of embedded wooden foreign body in cheek in a two year female: report of an unusual case
Katarkar A., Modh D., Katarkar S., Jain A., Sapre A., Shah P. R.

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