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A Journal on Maxillofacial Trauma

Official Journal of the International Society of Maxillofacial Trauma

Frequency: 3 issues

ISSN 2279-9125

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Journal of Maxillofacial Trauma 2013 August;2(2):50-3


Crackers ‑ An unusual mode of maxillofacial injury

Singh V., Agrawal A., Kumar P., Ruchi D. R.

Department of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery PGIDS, Rohtak, Haryana, India

Maxillofacial injuries are among the most common injuries which one has to deal in emergency. The causes of maxillofacial injuries include road-track accident, fall from height, sports injury and assaults etc. Besides these, there are some other causes which are seen rarely like kite string injury, cracker injury etc. Though the presentations of these rare injuries are relatively less severe but they do have the potential of leading to brutal injuries, disabilities and deaths. A firecracker is made with a small amount of gun powder that is wrapped tightly in a paper tube. A fuse is inserted into one end of the tube. The fuse is lit, setting of the packed gun powder, resulting in a small explosion. Hereby, we are sharing our experience with these injuries that were treated at PGIDS, Rohtak. The cases are being reported to highlight the magnitude of injuries caused by these rare injuries.

language: English


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