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International Angiology 2006 December;25(4)

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):335-42

Prevention of major venous thromboembolism following total hip or knee replacement: a randomized comparison of low-molecular-weight heparin with unfractionated heparin (ECHOS Trial)

Haas S., Breyer H. G., Bacher H. P., Fareed J., Misselwitz F., Victor N., Weber J., on behalf of Echos Trial Group

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):343-51

Venous thromboembolism following primary total knee arthroplasty

Hitos K., Fletcher J. P.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):352-5

Relationship between air-plethysmographic venous function and clinical severity in primary varicose veins

Nishibe T., Kudo F., Miyazaki K., Kondo Y., Nishibe M., Dardik A.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):356-60

Hemodynamics of the sapheno-femoral complex: an operational diagnosis of proximal femoral valve function

Cappelli M., Molino Lova R., Ermini S., Giangrandi I., Giannelli F., Zamboni P.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):361-9

A pilot study of ranolazine in patients with intermittent claudication

Ma A., Garland W. T., Smith W. B., Skettino S., Navarro M. T., Chan A. Q., Anderson B. E., Cooke J. P.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):370-7

Are there differences of inflammatory bio-markers between diabetic and non-diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia?

Bertz L., Barani J., Gottsäter A., Nilsson P. M., Mattiasson I., Lindblad B.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):378-84

A prospective patient observational study of the role of hyperhomocysteinemia in restenosis in patients undergoing infrainguinal angioplasty or bypass procedures

Hansrani M., Oates C., Stansby G.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):385-8

Reduced vascular reserve measured by stressed single photon emission computed tomography carries a high risk for stroke in patients with carotid stenosis

Yamamoto K. K., Miyata T., Momose T., Nagayoshi M., Akagi D., Hosaka A., Miyahara T., Ishii S., Kimura H., Deguchi J., Shigematsu K., Shigematsu H., Nagawa H.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):389-94

Carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis in patients who underwent primary percutaneous coronary intervention and outcome associated with multifocal atherosclerosis

Romano G., Corrado E., Muratori I., Novo G., Andolina G., Cospite V., Evola S., Ciaramitaro G. F., Di Vincenzo A., Farinella M., Rotolo A., Assennato P., Hoffmann E., Novo S.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):395-400

Carotid endarterectomy with internal carotid artery segmental resection, temporary shunt and vein patch angioplasty: early and mid-term results

Scavée V., Pirlet I., Van San P., Haxhe J. P.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):401-6

Invos® Cerebral Oximeter compared with the transcranial Doppler for monitoring adequacy of cerebral perfusion in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy

Fassiadis N., Zayed H., Rashid H., Green D. W.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):407-13

Pro-angiogenesis action of thyroid hormone and analogs in a three-dimensional in vitro microvascular endothelial sprouting model

Mousa S. A., Davis F. B., Mohamed S., Davis P. J., Feng X.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):414-7

The effect of fluvastatin on cICAM-1 as a biomarker of endothelial dysfunction in patients with dyslipidemia

Sejda T., Jedlièková V., Svandová E., Poledne R.

 Original articles 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):418-26

Brachial endothelial function in subjects with familial combined hyperlipidemia and its relationships to carotid artery intima-media thickness

Karásek D., Vaverková H., Halenka M., Budíková M., Novoty D.

 Case reports 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):427-32

Popliteal venous aneurysm with repeated episodes of pulmonary embolism. Case report and literature review

Akagi D., Oshiro H., Yamamoto K., Kimura H., Taniwaka K., Shigematsu H., Nagawa H., Miyata T.

 Case reports 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):433-5

Is insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) playing a role for aneurysm formation in patients with pituitary gland tumor?

Kulseng B., Myhre H. O.

 Letters to the editor 

International Angiology 2006 December;25(4):436

Endothelin-1, platelets and Raynaud’s phenomenon

Gazi I., Jagroop I. A., Mikhailidis D. P.

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