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International Angiology 2004 June;23(2)


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):95-9

The value of a logbook for young vascular surgeons in training. The UEMS experience

Palombo D., Liapis C. D., Tzortzis E. A., Wolfe J. H. N., Bergqvist D.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):100-7

Effects of defibrotide in patients with chronic deep vein insufficiency. The PROVEDIS study

Coccheri S., Andreozzi G. M., D’Addato M. †, Gensini G. F., for the PROVEDIS Study Group


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):108-13

Economic evaluation of a short-course intensive rehabilitation program in patients with intermittent claudication

Ambrosetti M., Salerno M., Boni S., Daniele G., Tramarin R., Pedretti R. F. E.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):114-21

Reproducibility of proximal and distal transcutaneous oxygen pressure measurements during exercise in stage 2 arterial claudication

Bouyé P., Picquet J., Jaquinandi V., Enon B., Leftheriotis G., Saumet J. L., Abraham P.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):122-7

White blood cell and endothelial cell response to endovascular procedures in the leg

Danielsson P., Danielsson G., Truedsson L., Norgren L.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):128-33

Elevated soluble cell adhesion molecules E-selectin and intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 in type-2 diabetic patients with and without asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease

Elhadd T. A., Kennedy G., Robb R., McLaren M., Jung R. T., Belch J. J. F.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):134-8

Prevalence of lower limb occlusive vascular disease in outclinic diabetic patients

Andrade J. L., Schlaad S. W., Koury Junior A., Van Bellen B.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):139-43

Effects of acetylsalicylic acid on experimental atherogenesis induced in rabbits

Kouraklis G., Patapis P., Misiakos E., Glinavou A., Sioka C. Karayiannakos P. E.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):144-6

Is carotid stenosis correlated with tympanosclerosis?

Ferri M., Faggioli G. L., Ferri G. G., Pirodda A.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):147-53

Chronic venous disease in the male. An epidemiological survey

Benigni J. P., Cazaubon M., Kasiborski F., Taupin V., Mathieu M.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):154-63

Epidemiology of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs in the primary care setting

Callejas J. M., Manasanch J., for the ETIC Group


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):164-9

Matrix metalloproteinases in the vein wall

Kowalewski R., Sobolewski K., Wolanska M., Gacko M.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):170-6

Long-term histopathologic evaluation of inferior vena cava after modified Greenfield filter implantation. Experimental study in sheep

Yoshida W. B., Sequera J., De Abreau Maffei F. H.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):177-84

Modifications of plasma concentrations of hormonal and tissue factors during mechanical ventilation with positive end-expiratory pressure

Barbieri A., Siniscalchi A., De Pietri L., Pasetto A., Torsello A., Nolli M.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):185-8

Screening men for aortic aneurysm

Calderwood R., Welch M.


International Angiology 2004 June;23(2):189-91

A renal artery aneurysm incidentally found at operation. Should it be resected?

Matsagas M. I., Mitsis M., Batsis C., Rigopoulos C., Kappas A. M.

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