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International Angiology 1999 December;18(4)


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):251-5

Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty with or without stenting for femoropopliteal occlusions? A randomized controlled study

Zdanowski Z., Albrechtsson U., Lundin A., Jonung T., Ribbe E., Thörne J., Norgren L.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):256-62

Haemostatic derangement in advanced peripheral occlusive arterial disease

Koksch M., Zeiger F., Wittig K., Pfeiffer D., Ruehlmann C.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):263-70

Intravascular ultrasound observations during iliac stent deployment

Kuribayashi S., Takamiya M., Homma S.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):271-6

Evaluation of blood flow velocity changes in middle cerebral artery from contralateral transorbital approach as the alternative method of monitoring during carotid surgery in patients with no temporal acoustic “window”

Staszkiewicz W., Antepowicz W., Madycki G., Dabek P., Gabrusiewicz A.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):277-86

Postcarotid endarterectomy symptoms. Pre- and postoperative clinical and MRI findings

Dimakos P. B., Tsiligiris V., Gouliamos A. *, Kotsis T. E., Katsaros G. **


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):287-93

Comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy with air plethysmography in detection of deep vein thrombosis

Hosoi Y., Yasuhara H., Miyata T., Komiyama T., Onozuka A., Shigematsu H.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):294-8

Postmastectomy lymphoedema. Treatment and a five-year follow-up study

Berlin E., Gjöres J. E., Ivarsson C., Palmqvist I., Thagg G., Thulesius O.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):299-305

The Friday afternoon pulmonary angiogram: Temporal relationship between onset of symptoms and requests for angiography

Athanasoulis C. A., Athanasoulis M. A.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):306-12

Effect of Ruscus extract and hesperidin methylchalcone on hypoxia-induced activation of endothelial cells

Bouaziz N., Michiels C., Janssens D., Berna N., Eliaers F., Panconi E., Remacle J.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):313-9

The effect of four-year hypolipidaemic treatment on the intimal thickness of the common carotid artery in patients with familiar hyperlipidaemia

Spacil J., Ceska R., Petrasek J., Sobra J. †


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):320-6

Sodium/hydrogen ion exchange inhibitor ameliorates ischaemia-reperfusion injuries in the rat hind limb

Hamada Y., Ishikawa S., Kanda T., Imai S., Nagai R., Matsui K., Ohashi N., Morishita Y.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):327-30

Therapeutic efficacy of flavonoids in oedema following reperfusion on acutely ischaemic legs

Filis K. A., Georgopoulos S. E., Papas S. C., Votteas V., Bastounis E. A.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):331-4

Effect of glycated low density lipoprotein on smooth muscle cell proliferation

Makita T., Tanaka A., Numano F.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):335-6

Iloprost in the management of leg ulcer in polyarteritis nodosa. A case report

Biancari F., Kantonen I., Peltomaa R., Lepantalo M.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):337-42

An open-label, randomised multicentre study comparing the efficacy and safety of cyclo 3® fort versus hydroxyethyl rutoside in chronic venous lymphatic insufficiency

Beltramino R., Penenory A. *, Buceta A. M. **


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):343-7

Surgical management of ascending saphenous thrombophlebitis

Murgia A. P., Cisno C., Pansini G. C., Manfredini R., Liboni A., Zamboni P.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):348-9

Mechanism underlying increased platelet reactivity in patients with peripheral arterial disease

Jagroop I. A., Milionis H. J., Mikhailidis D. P.


International Angiology 1999 December;18(4):350-1

Mechanisms underlying increased platelet reactivity in patients with peripheral arterial disease

Reininger C. B., Boeger C. A., Steckmeier B., Spannagl M., Schewiberer L.

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