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A Journal on Dermatology

Journal of Istituto Dermatologico San Gallicano
Official Journal of the Associazione Dermatologi Ospedalieri Italiani - A.D.O.I.
Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Scopus

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1128-9155

Most read articles over the last three weeks

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2011 June;13(2):47-51
Erythroplasia of Queyrat. Intraepidermal squamous cell carcinoma of the mucosa and semimucosa
Calista D.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2011 September;13(3):137-40
Pitted keratolysis: report of two cases successfully treated with topical clindamycin 1%
Piccolo V., Russo T., Baroni A.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2010 June;12(2):73-7
Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus
Pini M., Balice Y., Crippa D.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2012 September;14(3):91-6
Palmoplantar keratodermas
Passarini B., Therianou A., Varotti E., Sgubbi P., Infusino S. D.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):115-7
Grover’s disease
Pesapane F., Menicanti C., Nazzaro G., Vaira F., Coggi A., Gianotti R.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 March;16(1):29-33
Ecocel® Plus Crema: combination of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and sealing effects in the treatment of fingernail chronic paronychia: clinical study on 18 cases
Piraccini B. M., Bruni F., Alessandrini A., Starace M.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2008 September;10(3):135-40
Effect of glycerophosphoinositol salt of choline 1% cream on mild-to-moderate inflammatory and allergic dermatitis
Motolese A., Simonelli M.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2010 September;12(3):161-5
Terra firma forme dermatosis of the areola
Passarini B., Therianou A., Infusino S. D., Kasapi E., Salfi N. C. M.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2012 March;14(1):21-4
Role of clindamycin and zinc acetate in topic acne therapy
Capitanio B., Sinagra J. L.

Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 December;15(4):185-9
Open observational study on the efficacy and the tolerability of a shampoo-cream in hair-loss treatment
De Padova M. P., Lorenzi S.

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