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A Journal on Surgery

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3)


Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):201-6

Minimally invasive treatment of ventral incisional hernias: case series and technical notes

D’Antonio D., Bucci L., Sivero L., Antoniello L., Bernardi C., Baldon S., Mazzucco C., Formisano C., Trevisan P.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):207-9

Gastric GIST and surgery

Galloro G., Sivero I., Donisi M., Bucci L., Sollazzo V., Benassai G., Quarto G., Formisano C.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):211-2

Percutaneous gastrojejunostomy (PEG-J) for Levodopa/Carbidopa Intestinal Gel administration in Parkinson disease: our institutional experience

Sivero L., Magno L., Galloro G., Quarto G., Benassai G., Luglio G., Formisano C.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):213-7

Is a longer surgical exposure associated with higher occurrence of symptomatic vasospasm following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage?

Satow T., Saiki M., Akiyama Y.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):219-24

Searching for ideal colonoscopy preparation: 2-L PEG plus ascorbic acid versus 4-L PEG plus simethicon: a randomized single blind clinical trial

De Rosa M., Cestaro G., Mosella F., Vitiello C., Amato B., Forestieri P., Gentile M.


Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):225-8

Acute cholecystitis with abdominal wall perforation: case report

Senescende L., Testi W., Scipioni F., Colasanto G., Borgogni V., Carli A. F.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):229-32

Laparoscopic direct repair of right diaphragmatic hernia presenting 16 years after traumatic event: a case report

Tagliabue F., Mariani P., Codazzi F., Casanova D., Novellino L.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):233-5

A case of pulmonary dirofilariasis in Ferrara, Italy

Grossi W., Quarantotto F., Maniscalco P., Cavallesco G.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):237-9

Blunt traumatic external iliac vein disruption without pelvic fracture

Lin C.-C., Liu K.-S., Wu T.-J., Huang Y.-K., Tsai F.-C., Lin P. J.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):241-3

Arsenic necrosis in mucosa: an unusual case report

Koseoglu B. G., Kahraman N.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):245-7

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy in a patient with ovarian carcinoma associated with peritoneal carcinomatosis: the importance of intraoperative liver ultrasound

Bisogni D., Dioscoridi L., Bechi P.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):249-52

Gangrenous ischemic colitis complicating Tauber’s procedure

Spiezia S., Carlomagno N., Santangelo M., Romagnuolo R., Imbimbo C., Renda A.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):253-8

Interhemispheric arachnoid cyst presenting with dementia treated by direct surgery: a case report and review of the literature

Fukunaga A., Shimizu K., Ochiai M., Yazaki T.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):259-62

The quality of life in patients treated for breast cancer. A case report

Manganaro M. A., Messalli E. M., Gioia F., Seguino E., Pitruzzella G., Pitruzzella D., Di Martino L., Balbi G.


Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):263-7

Update on the endoscopic treatment of dehiscences and anastomotic gastrointestinal stenosis

Magno L., Fusco F., Benassai G., Quarto G., Sivero L.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):269-73

Morphological and molecular features of apoptosis and its role in colorectal cancer prevention

Sivero L., Galloro G., Formisano C., Sollazzo V., Quarto G., Romano S., Romano M. F.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):275-7

Endoscopic approach in the treatment of Barrett esophagus: resective and ablative tecniques

Galloro G., Sivero L., Donisi M., Salvati V., De Werra C., Esposito E., Formisano C.


Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):279-80

Alithiasic hydrops of the gallbladder caused by cystic duct spasm in cocaine addiction

Gentilli S., Oldani A., Portigliotti L., Canavese C., Viano I., Colengelo D., Boldorini R., Garavoglia M.

Chirurgia 2013 June;26(3):280-1

Intratendinous ganglion of the extensor digitorum communis tendon

Çöloğlu H.

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