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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1)


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):1-6

Evaluation of 445 surgically treated liver hydatid cyst cases in Eastern Turkey

Albayrak Y., Albayrak A., Demiryilmaz I., Aylu B., Aslan S., Yenisolak A., Cengiz Güzel İ., Ugurlu T., Ozog B.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):7-10

Malignant melanoma of the anal canal: clinical features, treatment and patient survival

Ekçi B., Perek A., Kocael A.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):11-9

Delayed myocardial protection by non-invasive limb ischemic preconditioning inhibits cardiomyocyte apoptosis and the fibrolysis system

Li S.-J., Wu Y.-N., Kang Y., Yin Y.-Q., Gao W.-Z., Liu Y.-X., Lou J.-S.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):21-5

SEM and EDS analysis of tooth root surfaces sectioned with bur or Er:YAG laser and irradiated with Nd:YAG laser

Marchiori Farret A., Marchiori Farret M., Gerhardt De Oliveira M., Blessmann Weber J. B.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):27-30

Necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum (Fournier’s gangrene) in a man with an abscess consequence of a recidivant perianal fistula

Antonino A., Coppola Bottazzi E., Guida F., Conte P., Masone S., Aprea G.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):31-3

Sequential bilateral internal mammary artery grafting combined with selective arterialization of the coronary venous system during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery

Yu Y., Gu C.-X., Wei H., Li Q.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):35-7

Right-atrial thrombus formation as a complication of tunnelled cuffed hemodialysis catheter and surgical treatment

Çeliksöz M., Keskin H. A., Bayraktaroglu M. S., Atasoy Ş., Katircioglu F. S.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):39-42

Cerebellar medulloblastoma associated with pineal enhancing mass lesion: case report

Samis Zella M. A., Bertani G., Caroli M., Rampini P., Bauer D., Gaini S. M.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):43-6

Emergency thoracic endovascular stent grafting in a patient with type-B-dissected right arcus aorta

Usta S., Günday M., Menteşe Ü.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):47-9

Intradiploic epidermoid of orbit lateral wall with discharging sinus

Salunke P., Mittal R.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):51-3

The silo using an infusion bag for ruptured abdominal aneurysm

Tamaki M., Tomita S., Kato T., Okawa Y.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):55-7

Spontaneous bilateral subdural hematomas of the posterior cranial fossa after aortic valve replacement

Darwazah A. K., Mu’allem N., Eida M., Bader V., Batrawy M.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):59-63

Pelvic ganglioneuroma of the adult age: case report

De Werra C., Di Micco R., Perone M., Bracciano L., Aloia S., Galloro G.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):65-7

Unusual localization of primary large choroid plexus papilloma in an adult patient: clinical presentation, radiological findings and surgical management. Case report and review of the literature

Kalfas F., Ronchini N., Godowicz T. T., Severi P.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):69-71

Supratentorial cortical/intra-axial anaplastic ependymoma with arachnoidal dissemination: clinical presentation, radiological and intraoperative findings. Case report and review of the literature

Kalfas F., Ronchini N., Godowicz T. T., Severi P.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):73-5

Coronary artery bypass and endovascular stent-grafts stage practise: case report

Günday M., Usta S.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1:77-81

Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma presenting as a subdural tumor associated with calcified chronic subdural hematoma. Case report and review of the literature

Shimizu K., Ochiai M.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):83-4

Challenges encountered among patients with autoimmune diseases undergoing open heart surgery

Darwazah A. K.


Chirurgia 2012 February;25(1):84-5

Continuous infusion of rFVIII:a good choice for mild hemophiliac patient undergoing major oncologic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery

Barillari G., Pasca S.

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