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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3)


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):115-9

The relation between mesh thickness and mesh reaction in abdominal wall

Küçükkartallar T., Sahin M., Çakir M., Kafali E., Saygun O., Tekin A., Ünlü Y., Aktürk S.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):121-4

Acute cholecystitis: conservative treatment and delayed cholecystectomy

Kontopodis N., Spiridakis K., Panagiotakis G., Grigoraki M., Kokkinakis T., Rokadakis L.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):125-31

Peak postoperative C-reactive protein levels and long-term mortality in a mixed surgical ICU population: a retrospective, observational-analytical study

Grander W., Luckner G., Torgersen C., Schmittinger C. A., Rex C., Dünser M. W.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):133-7

Surgeries for cardiovascular anomalies associated with tetralogy of Fallot

Zhong J Q., Li Z., Xiao Y.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):139-41

Obturator hernia causes acute abdominal pain

Stanojkovski Z., Panarello S.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):143-5

Appendiceal neuroma without obliteration of the lumen mimicking acute appendicitis

Papaconstantinou I., Karakatsanis A., Lykoudis P. M., Karvouni E., Polymeneas G.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):147-9

Early reversal of Hartmann’s procedure for complicated diverticular disease during the same admission using topical negative pressure: a novel concept

Shaikh I. A., Amin A. I., Vanleenhoff J. W., Yalamarthi S.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):149-53

Intractable thoracic infectious diseases successfully treated with laparoscopically harvested omental flap plombage

Shimizu J., Kamesui T., Nakada K., Iwase T., Arano Y., Ishikawa N., Ohtake H.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):155-8

Pseudoaneurysm of saphenous vein coronary artery bypass graft from a Bentall conduit treated by an hybrid approach

Dell’Amore A., Zanoni S., Noera G.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):159-62

Chilaiditi syndrome. Clinical series and literature analysis

Pricolo P., Pricolo R.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):163-4

A case with homograft in the aortic position lasting 28 years

Cortina R., Segovia E., Llosa J. C.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):165-8

Conception and clinical consideration of absent infrarenal inferior vena cava

Hu Y., Zhong Q., Li Z., Song Y., Fan S., Shen C., Chen J.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):169-71

Surgical management of coronary aneurysms in an adult with Kawasaki disease

Doguet F., Smail H., Le Guillou V., Bessou J. P.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):173-6

Endoscopic treatment of neurocytoma of lateral ventricle: case report and review of literature

Yadav Y. R., Bhagwat A., Agarwal M., Parihar V., Chandrakar S., Jain N.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):177-80

Horseshoe lung-Scimitar syndrome complex associated with severe pulmonary hypertension in a newborn: case report

Olukman Ö., Çalkavur S., Öner T., Yilmaz N., Can D., Tavli V., Hazan E., Atlihan F.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):181-3

Primary oral melanoma: importance of early diagnosis

Nogueira Moreira R., Rocha Dos Santos C. R., Lages Lima N., De Miranda J. L., Verli F. D., Marinho S. A.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):185-6

New tool to overcome lead fibrous binding sites: a word of caution

Gualis J., Castaño M., Gómez-Plana J., Martin C., Mencía P., Pérez J.


Chirurgia 2011 June;24(3):187-90

Adult medulloblastoma: atypical radiographic appearance

Tomei K. L., Christiano L. D., Cho E-S., Gandhi C. D.

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