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A Journal on Surgery

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2)


Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):53-9

Predictive factors for diagnosis of gangrenous cholecystitis

Sias L., Secci L., Virdis F., Garau A., Pinna G., Pani C., Pomata M., Farina G. P.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):61-5

Large eventrations: personal series, retrospective analysis and proposal of onlay’s technique

Battistini G., D’Amato M., Abete M., Ronchetti V., Casano, Cesaro S., Cappuccio G., Savelli A.


Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):67-9

Heart surgery and hydatid cysts: what is the best management?

Sansone F., Zingarelli E., Flocco R., Actis Dato G., Forsennati P. G., Parisi F., Punta G., Bardi G. L., Del Ponte S., Casabona R.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):71-3

Modified free-edge suspension technique concomitant with aortic root reimplantation for treating annuloaortic ectasia with stretched cusps

Shimamoto T., Komiya T., Sakaguchi G., Kanno K.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):75-6

Excellent myocardial protection during an unexpected prolonged cross-clamp time

Wu T., Chen C., Yang J., Dong P., Hou X.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):77-9

Replacement of the quadricuspid aortic valve: 18 years experience

Meng W., Xiao Z., Zhang E.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):81-3

Extra-anatomic correction in a complex form of aortic coarctation

Dell’Amore A., Alberini A., Noera G.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):85-7

Ileostomy closure: rare causes of complications

Sofia M., Barbagallo F., Gagliardo S., Chisari A., Sparatore F., La Greca G.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):89-92

Juxtafacet joint cysts: report of 2 cases and literature review

Voulgaris S., Alexiou G. A., Fotakopoulos G., Zigouris A., Goussia A., Lampri E., Mihos E., Savanis G., Pahatouridis D.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):93-4

Leriche syndrome in combination with a pelvic kidney

Franken J. M., De Groot H. G. W., Geenen G. P. J., Van Der Laan L.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):95-7

Indirect inguinal hernia containing Fallopian tube, ovary and ovarian cyst in adult woman

Tagliabue F.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):99-101

Plantar fascia rupture treated by ultrasound guided infiltration of autologue platelet rich plasma: a case report

Giaracuni M., Mantegna N., Perotti S., Braidotti P., Gualdi G.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):103-5

Major trauma of the upper limb coupled with anatomical vascular anomaly

Chaves Brait C. M., De Santis F., Di Cintio V.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):107-10

A big parosteal lipoma of the thigh

Pompili G., Tarico M. S., Scrimali L., Scilletta A., Tamburino S., Curreri S. W., Soma P. F., Perotta R.


Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):111

Our experience in correction of functional and cosmetic problems after facial traumatic injury: viewpoint

Forcellini D., Vinci V., Maione L., Lisa A., Klinger F. M.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):112

Free intra-abdominal hemorrhage from the round ligament following cardiac surgery

Yazigi A., Sarkis R., El-Asmar B.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):113

Digital air leak monitoring after lobectomy for primary lung cancer in patients with moderate COPD: can a fast-tracking algorithm reduce postoperative cost and complications?

Mier J. M., Fibla J. J., Molins L.

Chirurgia 2011 April;24(2):114

Neurological deficit following carotid endarterectomy: is it a stroke?

Khanafer A., Sykes T., Houghton A., Fox T.

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