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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6)


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6);227-30

Polypoid lesions of gallbladder: is accurate diagnosis possible preoperatively?

Kamali Polat A., Gungor B., Seren D., Polat A. V., Erzurumlu K., Polat C.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):231-4

Interim results of a new heparin bonded polycarbonate/urethane “vascular access” graft: a prospective trial

Gyedu A., Koksoy C., Hazinedaroglu S. M., Tulga Ulus A., Yerdel M. A.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):235-40

How to manage acute mesenteric and portal vein thrombosis

Seung M-K., Roh Y-N., Kim Y-W., Kim D-I.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):241-6

Quantitative assessment of the hemodynamic changes after varicose vein surgery for small saphenous vein reflux

Park U-J., Yun W-S., Lee K-B., Rho Y-N., Kim Y-W., Kim D-I.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):247-55

Loss of consciousness and organ transplantation. Diagnosis, treatment and ethics

Bondì M.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):257-60

Using pulsatile perfusion during cardiopulmonary bypass for a patient with chronic renal dysfunction

Bingyang J., Young Qiang L., Jinping L., Cun L.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):261-6

Infective endocarditis of native aortic valve: destruction of leaflet with an aorto-cavitary fistula to the right ventricle

Velicki L., Susak S., Srdanovic I., Kovacevic M.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):267-9

Endometriosis of the rectus abdominis muscles diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology

Albayrak Y., Guzel I. C., Gelincik I.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):271-3

Multiple aneurysms of axillo-carotid vein bypass graft: a case report and literature review

Thakur B., Mallawaarachchi C., Sadri A., Perera J. R., Das S.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):275-8

Colorectal cancer in hiv population

Berretta S., Fisichella R., Didio L., Bertino V., Cimino E., Figura S., D’Agata A., Spartà D.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):279-80

Spontaneous iliac vein rupture: an extremely rare cause of acute abdomen

Sever K., Cihan Ozbek I., Mansuroglu D., Akgun O. O.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):281-4

Cystic adventitial degeneration of the popliteal artery: a case report

Ranica R., Stringhi E.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):285-8

Carotid body tumors: a case report

Ranica R., Stringhi E.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):289-91

Recurrent massive hemoptysis due to penetrating aortic ulcer, intramural hematoma and aorto-bronchial fistula treated with endovascular stent-graft: a case report

Sibasankar D., Anirban D., Stalin V.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):293-5

Compartment syndrome of the upper arm: a case report and review of the literature

Galanopoulos G., Giannakopoulou S., Filalithis P., Lambidis C.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):297-9

Chemical injury of brachial artery: case report

Magalhães Ferreira J. M., Pias Canedo M. A., Martins V., Maia M., Guimarães J., Brandão Fernandes J. D., Pereira Braga S. M., Coutinhovasconcelos J. F., Vaz A. G.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):301-3

Giant myoepicardial cyst

Altemur Karamustafaoglu Y., Mammedov R., Yoruk Y.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):305-6

Repetitive gingival infections in patients with gingival hypertrophy in Sturge-Weber and Klippel-Trenaunay Syndromes: case report

Borghi Ingraci-De Lucia M., Maniglia J. V., Felt Conte A., Pereira De Godoy J. M.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):307-10

Endovascular management of infected abdominal aortic aneurysm caused by Brucella infection

Jun Park U., Hyun Cho W., Soo Choi J., Tae Kim H.


Chirurgia 2010 December;23(6):311-3

Orofacial granulomatosis: a case report

Shetty D. C., Urs A. B., Rai H. C., Bablani D., Tyagi N.

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