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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5)


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):151-4

Gastric cancer in elderly:clinico-pathological features and surgical treatment

Guida F., Coppola Bottazzi E., Antonino A., Formisano G., Conte P., Avallone U.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):155-9

Prospective randomized trial to evaluate the quality of life after proximal gastrectomy for gastric cancer: jejunal pouch interposition versus double-tract reconstruction

Ikeguchi M., Kuroda H., Matsunaga T., Saito H., Tatebe S.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):161-4

Testosterone ointment before hypospadias repair: clinical and surgical outcomes

Zampieri N.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):165-6

Method for covering the pulmonary staple line after VATS for spontaneous pneumothorax: use of a polyglycolic acid felt fixed by direct suturing

Inoue Y., Suga A., Yamada S., Iwazaki M.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):167-72

Combined approach for correction of symptomatic rectocele and associated rectal intussusception

Gentile M., De Rosa M., Carbone G., Mosella F., Forestieri P.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):173-7

Cardiac myxomas: 11 years of experience in 33 patients

Hashemzadeh KH., Hashemzadeh SH.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):179-84

Left ventricle metastasis secondary to lung neoplasms PET-TC positive versus RMI: a case report

Del Giudice G., Guarino C., Pecoraro A., Pedicelli I., Rea G., De Rosa N., Pontillo A., La Cerra G., Marzo C.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):185-6

Late presentation of post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. A case report

Amorosa L., Giorgini F., Scriva M.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):187-91

Evaluation and management of cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Scarponi S., Baldini M.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):193-5

Primary mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix: a case report

Cirillo F., Vismarra M., Buononato M., Aulisa P., Grassia R., Martinotti M.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):197-200

Peripheral keratocystic odontogenic tumor: case report and literature review

Cury S. E. V., Cury R. E. N., Luderer L. A., Carvalho M. V. R., Soares H. A., Pontes H. A. R., Pinto Junior D. S.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):201-3

Anesthesia and surgical collaboration on an extremely low birth weight infant undergoing ligation of patent ductus arteriosus

Ekmekçi P., Kazak Z., Darçin K., Ikizler C., Süe H.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):205-8

Cherubism: clinical case and genetic standpoints

Cantarelli Morosolli A. R., Santiago Vale D., Gallafassi D., Niccoli-Filho W.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):209-11

Anomalous fibrous band of the mitral valveAoyagi S.,

Aoyagi S., Fukunaga S., Tomoeda H., Ueda T.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5):213-23

Rare hernias: presentation of 11 case reports and review of the literature

Pricolo R., Pricolo P.


Chirurgia 2010 October;23(5:225-6

Suprapubic cystostomy incisional hernia

Mohammadhosseini B.

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