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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4)


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):93-7

Preserving the renal function during suprarenal aortic clamping

Joh J-H., Cho Y-K., Lee K-B., Yun W-S., Park U-J., Kim Y-W., Roh Y-N., Kim D-I


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):99-101

Combination of mantrels score and abdominal ultrasound for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in the emergency department. A randomized prospective study

Caiazzo P., Pennacchio E., Lisanti F., Scarano E., Cavallo T., Gaudino G., D’adamo M.G., Di Lascio P., Limauro S., Autilio M.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):103-6

The clinical manifestations and outcomes in patients with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. A single center study

Jung S-M., Lee K-B., Yun W-S., Park U-J., Roh Y-N., Kim Y-W., Do Y-S., Park K-B., Park H-S., Dong-Ik K.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):107-10

Appropriateness of admission

Martellosio V., Gatti V., Marzo V., Viezzoli A., Gambini D., Abbiati F.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):111-5

Abdominal hypertension, pre-abdominal compartmental syndrome and abdominal compartmental syndrome in general surgery

Tagliabue F., Della Nave F., Bonandrini L.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):117-20

Endovascular repair of a symptomatic aneurysm of the right subclavian artery in a reversed-trombone-technique

Staiger W., Hettrich P., Gahlen J.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):121-2

Accessory mitral valve with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an adult

Jonjev Z. S., Torbica V., Kozic’ B., Fabri M.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):123-6

Left anterior descending artery dissection in a patient with Kawasaki’s disease

Blasberg J. D., Schwartz G. S., Balaram S. K.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):127-9

Dyspnea related to xiphoid pathology

Han S., Çekmen N.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):131-3

Intrathoracic extrapulmonary glomangiopericytoma - A case report

Cheng Y.-J., Hwang J.-C., Lai Y.-F., Chang P.-C.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):135-7

Tuberculosis of the spine presenting with a cold abscess fistulized through the skin

Cakir M., Cakir Z., Ozsoy K. M., Malcok U. A., Kamaci U.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):139-42

Laparoscopic resection of a large colonic lipoma causing intermittent colonic intussusception

Benetatos N., Bikos S., Mavridou P., Tsimoyiannis E.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):143-5

Segmental resection of the duodenum for gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST): report of a case

Pizzi M., Pariani D., Zetti G., Bonifati L., Samori G.


Chirurgia 2010 August;23(4):147-50

An uncommon sciatic neuropathy from lower extremity hibernoma: our personal experience

Pompili G., Scrimali L., Galia A., Scilletta A., Tamburino S., Siragò P.

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