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A Journal on Surgery

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3)


Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):129-34

Surgical strategies in thyroid malignant tumours

Sturniolo G., Bonanno L., Tonante A., Gagliano E., Taranto F., Mamo M., De Salvo G., Sturniolo G.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):135-8

Changes in serum S-100β after cardiovascular surgery

Takeuchi K. I., Sakamoto S., Nagayoshi Y., Nishizawa H., Noguchi Y., Kiyosawa J., Matsubara J.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):139-42

Predictors of mortality in elderly patients undergoing coronary revascularization

Lafci B., Özsöyler I., Kestelli M., Yilik L., Bozok S¸., Yas¸a H., Karahan N., Gürbüz A.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):143-7

The inverted nipple: our experience

Agostini T., Agostini V.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):149-51

Primary cutaneous lymphomas: seven years’ experience from 2000 to 2007

Scrimali L., Soma P. F., Virzì D., Verzì D., Scilletta A., Pluchino S., Di Raimondo F., Grasso G., Siragò P.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):153-4

A new approach to aortic annulus enlargement

Nazem H.


Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):155-7

An occurrence of aortobronchial fistula undiagnosed by conventional modalities forty-four years after coarctation repair

Messner G. N., Forrester M. D., Kennedy D. M., Smith R. D., Sartori M. P. +, Gregoric I. D.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):159-62

Postoperative visual loss in head and neck microsurgery

Agostini T.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):163-4

Tubular duplication of the ileus and isolated longitudinal duplication cyst of the jejunum: a rare combination

Mavridis G., Livaditi E., Baltogiannis N., Christopoulos-Geroulanos G.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):165-7

Proliferative myositis of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Report of a case

Costamagna D., Coverlizza S., Moreno S., Donadio F.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):169-71

Splenic hydatic cyst in the XI week of pregnancy. Acute onset as an abdominal emergency


Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):173-4

Appendiceal intussusception secondary to extensive benign lymphoid hyperplasia of cecum-appendix in a child. Report of a case

Christianakis E., Horti M., Pitiakoudis M., Filippou D.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):175-6

Septate gallbladder: a peculiar case

Perrotta N., Urso G., Palladino E., Andriulo N., Marinelli T., Loffredo D.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):177-80

Extrasphincteric fistula complicating stapled hemorrhoidopexy: is the procedure always safe? Report of a case

Gentile M., Guarino V., Mosella F., Beneduce L., Mosella G.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):181-4

Use of mesh grafts in the treatment of necrotizing fasciitis of the lower limbs: a case report

Siragò P., Ranno R., Soma P. F., Scrimali L., Virzì D., Verzì D., Scilletta A.

Chirurgia 2008 June;21(3):185-7

Surgical treatment of middle aortic syndrome: a rare cause of hypertension in childrens

Khan M. Z., Shahabuddin S., Hamid M., Amanullah M. M.

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