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A Journal on Surgery

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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1)


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):1-4

Resection and prosthetic reconstruction of superior vena cava for non-small cell advanced lung cancer patients

Yamamoto S., Shirakusa T., Kawahara K., Shiraishi T., Iwasaki A.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):5-8

The minimal cervical access in thyrod surgery: indications and limitations

Sturniolo G., Bonanno L., Tonante A., Taranto F., Mamo M., De Salvo G., Sturniolo G., Gagliano E.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):9-11

One-day surgery performed laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Levis P., Quaretta F., De Candia C., Volpe L., Valentini M.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):13-5

Myocutaneous versus fasciocutaneous flaps for sacral ulcer coverage in spinal cord injury. A 12 year experience

Margara A., Boriani F., Obbialero F. D., Bocchiotti M. A.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):17-20

Growth factors used in healing venous ulcers

Martí X., Linares P., Bonell A., Acosta M., Llort C., Lapiedra O.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):21-3

Mitral valve replacement and biventricular pacing for cardiac sarcoidosis

Doi A., Takahara Y., Mogi K., Hatakeyama M.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):25-7

Early stent thrombosis after rescue of right coronary artery rupture with stent-grafts

Arslan B., Kayhan B., Cantürk E., Gençbay M.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):29-31

Recurrent thromboembolic events due to a papillary fibroelastoma of the aortic valve

Diez C., Börgermann J., Hauptmann S., Hofmann H. S.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):33-4

Porcelain atrium, a sequela of long standing mitral stenosis. Is a challenge during mitral valve surgery?

Selimoglu O., Basaran M., Ugurlucan M., Ogus N. T.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):35-6

A report of successful nonsurgical treatment of methicillin resistant staphylococal acute purulent pericarditis

Hamidy R., Ahmadinejad Z., Layaee Z. Abdi, Satarzadeh R., Pakdaman R.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):37-40

Successful videothoracoscopic debridement for postpneumonectomy empyema without bronchopleural fistula

Maeda R., Isowa N., Tokuyasu H., Kawasaki Y.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):41-3

Perfusion via preceding axillofemoral artery bypass graft in repair of type A acute aortic dissection with leg ischemia

Takagi H., Kato T., Sekino S., Manabe H., Matsuno Y., Umemoto T.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):45-7

Gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor presenting as a pancreatic pseudocyst

Busic´ Zˇ., D. Servis, Stipancic´ I., Busic´ V.


Chirurgia 2008 February;21(1):49-52

Cranial bone loss, a valid indication for great omentum vascularized free flap transfer

Lapalorcia L. M., Costa Jr. H., Azevedo L. F., Riobom F., Bistoni G., Chiummariello S., Noviello A., Alfano C., Monteiro Da Costa H.

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