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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5)


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):217-9

Intrathoracic implantation of a new pulsatile left ventricular assist devices for partial unloading of the heart: the VERSUS pump

Christiansen S., Kwant P. B., Rakhorst G., Verkroost M. W. A., Elstrodt J., Autschbach R.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):221-4

Progress in treatments of complications associated with surgery in lung cancer patients on dialysis

Mizobuchi T., Nakajima T., Shibuya K., Iyoda A., Suzuki M., Sekine Y., Fujisawa T.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):225-7

Mitral valve surgery by limited right thoracotomy: is the aortic cannulation a safety procedure?

Pomerantzeff P. M. A., Vieira Guedes M. A., De Almeida Brandão C. M., Groppo Stolf N. A.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):229-31

Aortic valve stenosis and alkaptonuria

Cullen M. W., Nath D. S., Dobrescu C., Eickstaedt J., Edwards M. N.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):233-4

Left atrial appendage aneurysm and atrial arrhythmias

Erdal C., Badak Ö., Çatalyürek H., Akdeniz B., Karabay Ö., Silistreli E., Açikel Ü.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):235-7

Obstructed pulmonary venous drainage due to cor triatriatum sinister: report of a case treated surgically

Dogan R., Ucar H. I., Ozsoy F., Guvener M., Alehan D.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):239-40

Iatrogenic radial artery pseudoaneurysm in a haemodialysis patient: the risk of anatomical variation

Marudanayagam R., Wood A., Chavez R., Kumar N.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):241-3

Iatrogenic lumbar artery pseudoaneurysm following thrombectomy with a Fogarty catheter

Kato T., Azuma K., Murakawa S.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):245-7

Cystic adventitial disease of the popliteal artery. Rare case accompanied by a ganglion cyst

Ihaya A., Tanaka K., Kimura T., Morioka K., Uesaka T., Sasaki M., Tsuda T., Yamada N., Li W., Takamori A., Handa M., Tanaka S., Tanabe S.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):249-52

Occult mediastinal hemorrhage producing pseudoaneurysm formation after diagnostic mediastinoscopy

Apostolakis E., Panagopoulos N., Koletsis E., Dougenis D.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):253-5

Laparoscopic removal of gastric phytobezoar. Case report

Navarra G., Cogliandolo A., Rinaldi F., Familiari L., Bartolotta G.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):257-9

The torsion of a wandering pelvic spleen. A case report and review of the literature

Feroci F., Miranda E., Cantafio S., Moraldi L., Moretti R.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):261-2

Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas: findings of severe bowel ischemia

Manzelli A., Rossi P., Sica G. S., Di Lorenzo N., Cerno L., Gaspari A. L.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):263-6

Occasional finding of carcinoid tumor in the gallbladder: a clinical case

Vettoretto N., Arru L., Fisogni D., Taglietti L., Chioda C., Giovanetti M.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):267-8

Haemoperitoneum due to the disruption of a Meckel’s mesodiverticular band

Luchetti P., Rivolta U., Salamina G., Poccobelli M., Boldrini F., Vannelli A., Cattaneo A., Tatani B., Bragherio G.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):269-71

An unusual retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma: a case report

Antonino A., Guida F., Formisano G., Esposito D., Conte P., Celiento M., Mastrobuoni G., Aprea G., Avallone U.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):273-6

Aggressive basalioma cell carcinoma of the nose. Surgical management in a patient with multiple neoplastic relapses

Chiummariello S., Monarca C., Rizzo M. I., Pacitti F., Noviello A., Alfano C.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):277-9

Ductal carcinoma in situ. Surgical therapy: a mini review

Franceschini G., Terribile D., Magno S., Fabbri C., D’Alba P., Chiesa F., Di Leone A., Masetti R.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):281-2

Spinal cord protection during descending aortic aneurysm surgery. Transient subclavian - Adamkiewicz arterial bypass

Hirata N., Amemiya A., Hatsuoka S., Ueno T.


Chirurgia 2007 October;20(5):283-4

The applications and protection of saphenous vein grafts: discussion of a new technique from Bulgaria and the Middle East

Nazem H., Fazilati M., Nazem N.

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