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ISSN 0394-9508

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Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6)


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):417-20

Screening with Color-Doppler Ultrasound in preventing venous thrombosis in 40 cancer patients underwent the implantation of a port-a-cath device

Sarzo G., Finco C., Luongo B., Savastano S., Vecchiato M., Degregori S., Caruso V., Avruscio G., Ceccato F., Cartei G., Merigliano S.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):421-5

The endovascular treatment of false aortic and iliac aneurysms

Szmidt J., Galazka Z., Rowinski O., Nazarewski S., Grochowiecki T., Pacho R., Wojtaszek M., Jakimowicz T., Kanski A., Pietrasik K., Nawrot I.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):427-30

Hemodynamic performance of the aortic prosthesis by stress echocardiography

Sadeghian H., Kamangari A., Marzban M., Hossein Mandegar M., Darvish S., Fallah N.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):431-4

Use of local-regional flaps in facial reconstruction

Klinger M., Pagliari A. V., Klinger F., Villani F.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):435-7

Cardiac tamponade as fatal complication of a percutaneous central venous line in a preterm neonate

Puvabanditsin S., Garrow E., Razi S., Davis E., Padilla J., Chowdawarapu S. C.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):439-41

Lung metastases from thyroid cancer found 45 years after a right hemithyroidectomy

Kikuchi R., Isowa N., Tokuyasu H., Fukuda K., Kawasaki Y.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):443-5

A case of thoracic impalement treated by VATS

Bonadiman C., Terzi A., Benato C., Calabrò F.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):447-9

Gigantic hydatid cyst of the lung. A case report

Sanfilippo R., Arru G. M. A., Serra L., Montisci R.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):451-3

Cervical esophageal perforation following laparotomy

Singhal R., Syed T., Mirza M., Richardson M., Kumar H.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):455-8

Galeal-occipitalis flap for reconstruction of post-oncologic defects of the lateral scalp

Klinger F., Caviggioli F., Villani F., Banzatti B. P., Bandi V., Klinger M.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):459-62

Adrenal ectopic intrahepatic tissue: clinical case and literal review

Candela G., Varriale S., Di Libero L., Giordano M., Manetta F., Maschio A., Argenziano G., Pizza A., Santini L.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):463-4

Streptococcal necrotizing fasciitis-myositis, toxic shock syndrome and death from minor skin erosione. A case report

Hountis P., Hatziveis K., Roumpeas C., Bellenis I.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):465-70

Fibrosarcoma of the breast: case report

Noccioli P., Dell’Osa A., Grossi S., Tavoletta S., Angelucci D., Cianchetti E.


Chirurgia 2006 December;19(6):471-3

Unusual location of echinococcosis and surgical management. Report of a case

Lombardi A., Teggi A., Conte S., Pezzatini M., Lo Russo M., Moscaroli A., Angelini L.

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