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A Journal on Surgery

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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4)


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):253-6

Bioengineered skin grafts after revascularization in the treatment of ischemic ulcers

Russo G., Crippa M., Lorenzi G., Motolese A.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):257-8

Minor surgery aut performed in operating room

Di Quirico R., Tavoni N., Sierri S., Cornacchia R.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):259-61

Heart transplantation in a case of persistent left superior vena cava

Grande A. M., Castiglione N., Viganò M.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):263-5

Complex left ventricular reconstruction after resection of a cardiac giant lipoma

Hosono M., Shibata T., Aoyama T., Sakaguchi M., Ikuta T., Suehiro S.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):267-8

Bilateral one-stage carotid endarterectomy combined with aortic valve replacement. A case report

Matsagas M. I., Toumpoulis I. K., Drossos G. E., Bali C., Papadopoulos G., Anagnostopoulos C. E., Kappas A.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):269-70

Spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage as a late complication of abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: report of a case

Mii S., Eguchi D., Yamaoka T., Okazaki J.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):271-3

Spontaneous dissection of the superficial femoral artery

Tobinaga S., Akashi H., Hiromatsu S.-I., Amako M., Egawa N., Aoyagi S.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):275-7

Acute upper extremity ischemia due to hematoma compression after physiotherapy

Klonaris C., Katsargyris A., Vourliotakis G., Georgopoulos S., Liasis N., Bakoyiannis C., Giannopoulos A.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):279-83

Conservative treatment of Boerhaave’s Syndro-me in the elderly: case report

Testi W., Voltolini L., Malatesti R. Silverio R., Macchitella Y., De Martino A., Botta G., Consiglio F. M.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):285-7

Laparoscopic treatment of mid-thoracic diverticulum due to nutcracker esophagus. A case report

Dado G., Favero A., Piccoli E., Bresadola F., Bresadola V.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):289-91

Rare case of intrathoracic splenosis. occasional finding after 23 years from a thoracoabdominal trauma

Benvenuti M., Benetti D., Botticini G. B., Pariscenti G. L., Viotti F., Bovolato P.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):293-6

Axillary lymph nodes microcalcifications in metastatic breast cancer. Case report and literature review

Franceschini G., Masetti R., Costantini M., Belli P., Picciocchi A.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):297-8

Delayed presentation of sigmoid colon fistula 2 years after impalement injury

Vuilleumier H., Saucy F., Halkic N.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):299-302

Soft tissue sarcoma: surgical management of 25 kg retroperitoneal liposarcoma. Case report

Catona A., Ruggiero R., Parziale A., La Manna L., Morone G., Villani L., Luzzana F., Spahia B.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):303-6

Incisional endometrioma

Cordova A., Di Lorenzo S., Corradino B., Tripoli M., Moschella F.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):307-9

Peutz-Jeghers syndrom. A case report

Arapatsakos S., Katsouyiannopoulos A., Makris V., Isaakidis P.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):311-3

Primary scrotal malignant melanoma: case report and strategy of treatment

Stagno d’Alcontres F., Colonna M. R., Cuccia G.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):315-8

Pulmonary infarction presenting as a mass shadow with cerebral arteriovenous malformation

Kuwahara M., Motohiro A., Inutsuka K., Shirakusa T.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):319-23

Post-traumatic subdural hygroma: rare and difficult diagnosed complication

Russo A.


Chirurgia 2006 August;19(4):325-6

Postherniorrhaphy neuropathic pain caused by tacks

Vuilleumier H., Maternini M.

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