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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2)


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):103-9

Peritoneal adhesions. A review of the literature

Gelmini R., Saviano M.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):111-3

Off-pump robotic-assisted revascularization of the left heart through mini-thoracotomy

Mariani M. A., Codecasa R., D’Alfonso A., Grandjean J. G.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):115-21

Perioperative and anesthesiological management of patients with pheochromocytoma

Gazzanelli S., Vari A., Marella R., Caccamo F., Scozzafava S., Caronna R., Catinelli S., Mangioni S., Testa G. F., Tarquini S., Chirletti P.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):123-8

Hepatic-intestinal function after total gastrectomy and reconstruction by jejunal loop interposition. Double-isotope scintigraphic evaluation

Tocchi A., Mazzoni G., Scopinaro F., Cassini D., Liotta G., Bettelli E., Miccini M.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):129-34

A new technique for palliative treatment of rectal prolapse

Gupta P. J.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):135-9

Predictive value of the first duplex-scan in the follow-up of infrainguinal venous bypasses

Vega de Céniga M., Sánchez Hervás L., Javier Serrano F., Bañón RN M., Rial R., Reina T.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):141-3

Pericardiectomy for chronic constrictive pericarditis

Al-Shammari F., Ayed A., Jamal-Eddine H., Al-Ruwaih A.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):145-8

Basilic vein transposition. A good choice for vascular access for A-V fistulas

Senkaya I., Aytac I. K., Percin B., Bicer M.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):149-55

Video-thoracoscopic thymectomy

Taruffi F., Pantalone D., Santoni S., Paolucci R., Andreoli F.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):157-9

Gynecomastia: a surgical technique

Klinger M., Ventura D. M., Giannasi S., Buscarini A. G.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):161-3

Thoracic aortic emergencies in octogenarians

Fujii H., Tanaka T., Yamamoto T., Takeyama N., Hirakawa A., Kajimoto S.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):165-7

Papillary fibroelastoma on the aortic valve. Report of a case

Chou H.-T., Lin C.-H., Lee C.-C., Hung C.-R.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):169-70

Poor response to a balloon atrial septostomy in TGA with pulmonary hypertension

Kawata M., Atsumi N., Nakayama S.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):171-4

Left monolobar Caroli’s disease in adults: report 4 cases, one of these associated to cholangiocarcinoma

Guglielminetti D., Zanzi F., Guerra E., Poddie D. B.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):175-9

Reconstruction of the abdominal wall following its complete destruction by giant desmoid tumours in Gardner’s syndrome Report of a case

Finco B., Luongo B., Sarzo G., Savastano S., Vecchiato M., Merigliano S.


Chirurgia 2006 April;19(2):179-81

Hibernoma of the thigh

Klinger M., Caviggioli F., Ventura D. M., Pagliari A. V., Villani F.

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