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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1)


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):1-6

Tricuspid valve annuloplasty: early and long-term results

Kosmider A., Zaslonka J., Jaszewski R., Walczak A., Zwolinski R., Banach M., Kosmider M.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):7-11

Mitral valve replacament following closed mitral valvotomy

Tulga Ulus A., Tütün U., Aksöyek A., Çiçekçioglu F., Budak B., Seren M., Fehmi Katrcoglu S.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):13-8

Factors affecting time of extubation in cardiac surgery patients

Bitzikas G., Tsakiridis K., Konstantinou F., Vretzakis G., Tripsianis G., Bougioukas G.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):19-22

Erythropoietin exerts myocardial protection after brain injury in rats: effect on ultra structural findings

Ozisik K., Yildirim E., Emir M., Kaplan S., Bakuy V., Okutan O., Sargon M. F., Koçer B., Aydin H.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):23-9

Effect of endoscopic sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis on quality of life using the Illness Intrusiveness Rating Scale

Cinà B. S., Robertson S. G. W., Young E. J. M., Cartier B., Clase C. M.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):31-2

A new method of testing aortic valve competence by venting subaortic chamber

Chi N. H., Huang S. C., Wu C. S., Chiu I. S.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):33-5

Endometriosis in general surgery practice

Inan A., Dener C., Sen M., Ozdemir A.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):37-40

Mitral valve myxoma in a patient with chronic renal failure. Report of a case and review of 39 cases of mitral valve myxoma

Lin B. C., Lee C. S., Chen Y. F., Liang H. Y., Hwang Y. S.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):41-2

Acute prolapse of floppy mitral valve in an infant

Kawata M., Atsumi N., Nakayama S.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):43-4

Recurrence of cardiac myxoma in a young patient. A case report

Urso S., Greco E., Alvarez L., Pulitani I., Juaristi A., Goiti J. J.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):45-7

Bilateral phrenic nerve paralysis after cardiac surgery. A case report

Aydin H., Kandemir O.,Yorgancioglu C., Zorlutuna Y.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):49-51

Our experiences with adult type aortic coarctation

Duran E., Canbaz S., Acipayam M., Gur O.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):53-5

Renal and visceral artery obstruction following intervention for acute type A aortic dissection. The value of MR angiography

El Rassi I., Kassabian E., Sleilaty G., Jebara V. A.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):57-9

In situ saphenous bypass in the treatment of infrainguinal synthetic graft infections

Sunar H., Ege T., Canbaz S., Çikirikçiodlu M., Edis M., Halici Ü., Duran E.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):61-3

Multivessel embolectomy under laparotomy for aortic saddle embolism with pelvic ischemia

Morimoto N., Obo H., Mukohara N., Shida T.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):65-7

A polypoid invasion to the left brachiocepharic vein of invasive thymoma

Yamamoto S., Kawahara K., Tanaka C., Arima S., Haraoka S., Shirakusa T.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):69-72

Effectiveness of and limitations to autologous blood transfusion therapy in major general surgery

Di Mauro S., Bartolo V., Micali C., Samà D., Maglitto D., Cesario E., Lo Duca N.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):73-7

Solid and pseudo-papillary neoplasm arising from an ectopic pancreas. A case report

Bergamini C., Borrelli A., Presenti L., De Giovanni M., Comin C., Valeri A., Borrelli D.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):79-85

Autosomal dominant polycystic liver disease. Case report and new outcomes

De Cecco C. N., Mafrici M., Musciano V., Barbetta F., Impallara D., Venditti C., Pacchiarotti A., Alvaro D., Battisti G.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):87-91

Conservative management of an unusual Paget’s disease of the nipple. A case report and review of the literature

Franceschini G., Masetti R., Persiani R., D’Ugo D., Di Leone A., Mulè A., Costantini M., Picciocchi A.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):93-5

Primary extrapleural and retroperitoneal echinococcosis. Does it exist?

Tomos P., Karakatsani A., Stamatakos M., Mouzopoulos G., Safioleas M.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):97-9

An unusual cause of multiple intestinal perforations: Degos’ disease

Kar H., Unalp H. R., Onal M. A., Kamer E., Ozzeybek T., Ermete M., Berkman S., Aydin O.


Chirurgia 2006 February;19(1):101-2

Perianal abscess caused by toothpick. A case report

Agaoglu N.

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