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A Journal on Surgery

Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Scopus, Emerging Sources Citation Index

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6)


Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):435-8

Hand disability evaluation. A comparison of different systems and scores

Signorino P., D'Amico E., Risitano G., Galeano M., Amadeo G., Lepore V., Stagno D'Alcontres F., Pellicano P., Colonna M. R.


Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):439-44

Symptomatic carotid stenosis: selective or routine use of intraluminal shunt

Grga A., Hebrang A., Vidjak V., Coce F., Brkljacic B.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):445-50

Local thrombolytic treatment in acute arterial oclusions

Demirag M. K., Sarac A., Akan H., Keceligil H. T.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):451-4

Iatrogenic femoral artery pseudoaneurysm

Safar H. A., Farid E., Kansou J., Genaidi G., Al-Ali J., Al-Mosawi A., Asfar S.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):455-8

Modified and safe technique of endotracheal intubation without tracheostomy for rats

Chen Y. S., Chou T. F., Tsai C. H., Lee T. M., Chen C. F.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):459-64

Our experience in nasal pyramid reconstruction with autologous cartilage graft

Memmo L., Araco F., Cervelli V., Araco A.


Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):465-8

The topographic anatomy imprevedibility: limitative factor for the videolaparoscopic approach in biliary surgery

Caputo P., Santamaria A., Giorgetta C., Morzenti S., Gambini D., Bonandrini L.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):469-72

A case report of thoracic outlet syndrome with acute limb-threatening ischemia: options of management

Berchiolli R., Adami D., Del Corso A., Sardella S., Di Mitri R., Ferrari M.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):473-8

A rare case of giant stromal tumor of the jejunum

Varriale S., Candela G., Di Libero L., Giordano M., Maschio A., Lanza M., Manetta F., Casaburi V., Sullo P., Grillo M., Sciano D., Saponara R., Santini L.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):479-84

Gastrointestinal stromal tumours: description of six cases and survey of the literature

Cipolla B., Pantuso G., Lo Dico R., Fricano S., Sandonato L., Grassi N., Latteri F., Graceffa G.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):485-90

Duodenal obstruction and bleeding: pancreaticoduodenectomy for a malignant melanoma of the duodenum

Fiume I., Napolitano V., del Genio G., Rossetti G., Brusciano L., Russo G., Del Genio A.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):491-6

A case of gastric bypass for morbid obesity

Parini U., Fabozzi M., Allieta R., Millo P., Brachet Contul R., Loffredo A., Lale-Murix E., Jr. Nardi M., Albani A., Ciarlo M.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):497-500

Laparoscopic fenestration of symptomatic large non-parasitic cyst within segment VII of the liver. Report of a case

Pavlidis T. E., Koutelidakis I. M., Grigoriou M. C., Chatzimavroudis G. P., Tsiaousis P. Z., Atmatzidis K. S.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):501-6

Thrombophlebitis of pampiniform plexus: diagnostic and therapeutic considerations. Case report

Martino G., Torcasio A., Pontone P., Bogliolo G., Cardarelli A., Monti M.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):507-10

Cystic struma ovarii. A report of eleven cases

Safioleas M., Dimitroulis D. A., Papachristodoulou A., Diab A., Toufexi E., Andromanakos N.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):511-2

Uncommon localized Castleman's disease of the chest wall and oral lichen planus

Han S., Gunal N., Sakinci U.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):513-6

Autologous 11th costal cartilage graft in a case of iatrogenous nasal deformity

Memmo L., Araco F., Cervelli V., Araco A.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):517-20

Solitary pulmonary epithelioid hemangioendothelioma

Tsunezuka Y., Oda M., Minato H., Watanabe G.

Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):521-2

Early treatment of ''en Cyrano'' angioma

Taveggia A., Boriani F., Margara A., Cravero L.


Chirurgia 2005 December;18(6):523-4

Tube thoracostomy: indications, technique and complications

Safioleas M., Stamatakos M., Mouzopoulos G., Moulakakis K., Tomos P.

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